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Medicinal marijuana for Gastroparesis?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by theganjagoddess, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. Weed has saved my life. Literally.

    I suffer from a very rare from of Gastroparesis where I'm unable to drink fluids and keep them down. I've tried so many different medications for it, and all of them either make me nauseous (which I am all the time anyway because of the illness) or have really bad side effects (I'm prone to getting almost every side effect from medication.)
    I have also tried almost every nausea medicine; they all either make me unable to function or don't work. Weed helps, in ONE hit, no bad side effects for me. It helps my anxiety, too.

    When I don't smoke, I can't keep any fluids down. I'm chronically dehydrated and weed helps me keep it down, and also helps me eat. I'm always somewhat underweight but when I don't smoke I'm scary thin.
    My theory is this- weed helps relax the stomach muscles. Gastroparesis locks and clamps down the stomach muscles so it cannot move what's in it, causing nausea and sometimes vomiting, as well as food moving too quickly and not absorbing enough.

    When I smoke, I feel it opening up, and it starts moving; my digestion becomes almost normal. I can drink. I can eat! Amazing!

    Has anyone else had a similar experience? Any thoughts/comments on this?

    Thank you for hearing me out! :p
  2. I got banned from a major gastroparesis list for talking about this. Have you been kicked off you know where too? :D

    Gastroparesis: Current diagnostic challenges and management considerations
    right now Cannabinoids are still just getting a small mention in the treatment guidelines

    There needs to be more research, exactly as there needs to be more research in gastroparesis overall.
  3. Thank you for responding! People can be so intolerant, that sucks! No, I wasn't on there, I know by now a lot people don't accept it. :(

    I know this was a better place though. Thank for the website; it was very informative, and I'm really glad at least it's being mentioned.

    I tried synthetic THC, aka, Marinol or something... it helped but had bad side effects, but it shows even the medical community is aware of it. You'd be surprised how much the doctors try to avoid where it actually comes from, rofl!

    I hope someone does push for more research, if not here, then in another country.
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    Here in the US everybody had their hopes set on the Medtronic gastric stimulator (a sort of implantable pacemaker for the stomach for those reading who are not familar) and that has been pretty much a bust. Except when the company does the (lame) follow up studies-everyone runs around claiming that pot is ineffective as medicine yet devices that show no improvement at all can be marketed freely (rant, rave, pull hair)
    So many of the current gastropareis drugs have major side effects-like death:eek:
    I'm really glad you're getting relief from pot :hello:


  5. I didn't know that, oh my god, thank you so much for telling me. I was actually considering it at one point but now I will not consider it. It makes total sense the company would do that... same with pills. I know, one of the meds I tried for it, got recalled. Made me glad I didn't stay on it, whew!

    This is what happens when the free market controls medicine, unfortunately. My HMO screwed me over, so I had to help myself. My friends have been very nice and understanding, they give me free weed sometimes, and I'm super grateful for it and give them good stuff whenever I can, too.

    Thank you! :D I have like, no complains about smoking pot. I generally think stoners are more interesting to hang out with anyways. ^_^

    Do you suffer from it too, or just know someone who does? It's nice to finally meet someone who understands it as well as I do, rofl.
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    One of my friends had extensive dysmotility and had to have an intestinal transplant, and is not doing well.:(

    (Speaking of stoners being more interesting...Hey wow, you're into Gackt-did you see Moonchild? Uh, sorry guys, wrong forum...)

  7. I'm so sorry to hear that D: That sucks bad, I really hope she gets better! ;_;

    (Yep, am into him, but nope haven't seen it. I'll have to look that up on youtube, definitely... if I don't forget haha. Give me a pm if you want to talk more about that! ^_^)
  8. It's scary how similiar your experience with gastroperisis is to my own. I have the same problem with liquids and usually when i eat and sometimes just randomly. The worst part for me is I had it for a few years before I found a doctor who diagnosed it. Any idea how common it is?
  9. Depends on the type of gastroparesis, the diabetic type is currently the most common (most Type 1 Diabetics get it eventually) then there is the post-viral and the hereditary...and gastroparesis that is a symptom of another disease, such as MS. And idiopathic. I think I forgot one:confused:

  10. Hey thanks for the awesome fast response. I've read about diabetics gettin in and cancer patients. I've also read about the idopathic. What sucks is some people try to say that for me it's just in my head and all I want to do is smoke pot. It's been hard, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I just wonder how many people have it but haven't gotten it diagnosed. I feel bad for those people.

    It is very nice to read that other people know about it and believe that smoking can actually help.
  11. Its not like much of anything else really does (as you've noticed if you've tried the various meds). People who pick on you about it being in your head should have to live with it for a week-they'd sing a different tune, then!:devious:

  12. Yeah. Another problem people have is that the marinjuana 'impairs' me. I would like to live a week with these people using it and then not using. People don't seem to understand that being nauseous all the time is also quite impairing. When I can't eat I ususally have trouble sleeping and also fall into pretty severe depression. I'd say smoking and being able to eat is less of an impairment than throwing up most of what you eat.
  13. Did you see the recent New York Times article on MMJ research, they quoted a Gastroparesis patient...

    Researchers Find Study of Medical Marijuana Discouraged - NYTimes.com

  14. Thanks for that. It's funny that they comment on that he is 5'11 and weighed 120. I am 6'1" and just a year and a half ago weighed less than 115. I think that alone shows just how real it is.

  15. I have read about Nida alot but never had seen this quote. That's intersting that the people in charge of the marijuana supply don't support any of the research. Seems like a conflict of interest to me.
  16. Hey,

    I too have Gastroparesis and I am intollerable to solids and liquids. I have delt with this for many years so I understand what you are saying about being more impared not using MJ than treating yourself with it. I find the same concept has been in my mind for several years about it relaxing smooth muscles, so I could not wait to log in and post.

    Marijuana helps me, without it I am always feeling sick and by sick I mean feeling like death is approaching me. At a point where starvation becomes the end of you, your hunger stops. I am glad this is a place where I can talk to people about what I feel is also an effective treatment for the symptoms of GP.

    I am going to MAYO on the 22nd of this month and still have my Centeral PICC Line in for TPN feedings 12 hours a day. :smoke:

    It is the only reason why I can eat, the numbers do not lie. I stopped smoking and dropped to 120 pounds 5'9. I am now on TPN and smoking while perscribe Marinol, I weighed myself this morning and I am up to 140. It has only been 28 days.

    Take care guys, be safe.
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    I look at old people like the older ones that were scared away from it that are suffering horrible weight loss and lack of appetite. Sometimes they get so depressed they sit around and don't do anything, their medications make them too sick to eat. Their muscles get weak and they end up falling over and causing serious damage to their bones which causes them to get even more frail. Its just sad to see it happening over and over. I just say to myself "Damn. I know they would be better off with MJ, but I know you never could convince them of that. After the bullshit people have been feeding them their whole life, they have been scared away from it." At least the MJ would make the person feel better and motivate them to do something, get up and eat at the least, help their insomnia, calm them down. I know people that would be in a lot better health if they had something to give them a little boost of energy and a reason to get up in the morning. Because it would be better to use MJ and function like a normal person then lay in bed all day depressed and get nothing accomplished. We need a healthy mind. We need MJ. People can't recover from their illness if they give up hope because they are in so much pain mentally and physically.

    At least to me I think it does need to be recommended to those with life-threatening conditions. Its worth a shot, especially if you are on death's row anyway. Whats the worst that could happen? Relief? Oh that must be horrible, to the people that would be losing money, its only a matter of time before the secret spills and they are done. (possibly)
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    I'm sorry you are going through this, but glad something is helping. I hate dragging around a PICC line. The fear of infection...the sheer anoyance factor. I used to have a Hickman, too (pancreas issues, not gastroparesis). If you decide to share with the Enteric Neuroscience docs I'd be really interested in knowing their views on MMJ
    While you are on TPN, have you checked out
    They have a lot of helpful info and support.
  19. yeah, GP sucks. worse with GERD, and Barret's Esophagus, but still alone it sucks too.
    ive been trying for a year to get a fucking pacemaker, ive been to local r&d clinics, all the big gastro-docs(with insurance) and still after all the reglan, nexium, protonics, prevacid, aciphex, ect.

    any kind works but the better the quality the higher the price.

    rants over, ive posted many rants in medical forums but weed is always criticized.
    and now i would like to quote tool.

    The ignorant flippants in the congregation.
    Gather around spewing sympathy,
    Spare me...

    seriously the amount of times i have had a religious nutballz heal me in front of a crowd of people i dont know is astonishing, not to mention embarrassing. makes it funny that you know when you wake up in the morning you'll still be sick.
  20. Great news!

    I am getting my PICC pulled today because of the progress I have made with the combonation of Marinol, Protonix, Domperidone and Cannabis.

    I believe it is our responsibility to report our findings to anywhere that will accept the information.

    Take care, be safe.

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