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medicinal marijuana for bipolar??

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by ruzzianplaygirl, Sep 28, 2009.

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    Hello to everyone. I am new here :) and wanted to say hello. I also wanted to get some info.

    I have bipolar and my entire life I have struggled with manic up's and downs. It has gotten to a point where it can get so bad that it's messing with my marriage, me being a mother, and my business. It's just gotten out of control.

    When I was younger I was on meds...I stopped at the age of 20, I am now 27, so I have been without meds for 7 years and done okay. I don't have health insurance because they wont give health insurance to people who are bipolar and I would just buy them but now with the econemy being the way it is and my business not where it used to be I think it is more important to save that money than spend 1000 a month on meds and doc appts.

    So here is my deal...I have bought marijuana in the past but it didn't seem to help, in fact it made me worse. I would get extremely emotional, paranoid, depressed. the type of marijuana I was smoking was the what we call in the western states was "brick weed" the stuff that comes in bricks from Mexico...I also tried the higher version of "brick weed", it's still brick weed BUT it's a so called bette version of it. I ended up stopping it because it just made me worse.

    I need something badly :). I have no idea who to ask, where to go, if I should grow it o if there is a place to buy it from, and if I can grow it where do I get the seeds, and what type to I buy? I was on a website that sold seeds, but there are so many brands like white widdow and starry nights or something like that, and I just have no idea what to get. I also went online and researched whether or not it is okay for one who is bipolar to smoke weed and the majority of what I read said no, but I also noticed those were from general minded conservative people or doctors. I only found 3 people who actually said that they smoke to help bipolar and that it helps them. I also read that different brands of marijuana works different, for example one brand works better for those who are in pain and others work better for those who are looking for something to helo them sleep and what not. So, I have a few questions, if they can't be answered for legal reasons I understand...I am just trying to get some help and information on this stuff to help me be the person I know I am inside and not this manic bipolar bitch that I have become :).

    1-I live in NV near Las Vegas...Are there medical laws that I can go through to get it medically?
    2-If so, how would I go about that and what is the cost to get the license and the cost of the prescribed marijuana?
    3-Is it safe for someone who has bipolar?
    4-Is it normal to smoke marijuana and have feelings of paranoia, depression, saddness or am I smoking the wrong stuff?
    5-If I were to buy it off someone what type/brand should I buy? What would help best?
    6-Can I buy it on the internet?
    7-If I decide to grow it, is it worth it? Do you spend a lot on supplies to grow it?
    8-If I were to grow it, what brand/name/type should I get? What would help best?

    I'm looking for something that is going to make me chill, but I don't want to be so out of it that I cant work properly...and also not make me paranoid/anxious/depressed.

    Anyway, thanks for reading this long ass thread :)....sorry for so many questions but I need to know if I should try this or just go back on medication.

    Thanks in advance for your time.
  2. Ralta here, I set up a very similar thread yesterday and the response has been overwhelming. Im in France, so sorry no experience of mmj here. There are studies by more open minded doctors available, eg read Howard Mark's Book of Dope Stories. If you feel it will help, then go for it. I am. The question one must ask is if the pills given by docs are really worth the money that u must spend on them. Its the same here. I can say that for me it totally depends on mood what I want to smoke. If im down, i need a 'pick me up' type e.g. northen lights helps me when Im like that. Whereas when im in mania, like now, some Indica based calming stuff helps, like a lot of hashish varieties. Id go straight to the source for seeds, one of the bigger names like Barneys, or Greenhouse Seeds. However, I am unsure if u can import them to the US, back home in the UK they are legal over the counter until they germinate. Here in France I cant import them unfortunately. Basically, no all u need is a plant pot and a place to keep it warm and moist. Start the seed off on cotton wool with water. I can help if u want to ask. Paranoia is exaserbated by weed, but u probably felt shitty at the time, and like all drugs, it affects moods differently. For me, I use it because people think im high when Im off the stuff :( When im on it, I am considered 'normal'. So hope this helped a bit.

  3. Currently, there are ongoing clinical trials of Cannabinol (also known as CBN) as an antipsychotic. See the other thread for details. So, if the current theory is correct, you'd need something with less THC and more CBN. Not sure how that is going to work in real life, but that is the current theory. For a high CBN strain, you'd have to ask the professional growers. I'm sure there is one, they have bred everything else....
    Here is how to become a patient in Nevada:
    ASA : Becoming a Patient in Nevada

  4. Thank you for the info. I will try some of that stuff.

    Does anyone else have any advice?
  5. Get in touch with Granny,
    Storm Crow
    She knows her stuff :)

  6. God bless the granny lol
  7. If she was the Queen you could move home. Queen Victoria used pot tincture for menstural cramps, BTW
  8. Funnily enough I think we now have too much respect for the docs, they hold drugs back to a degree. Damn I was born in the wrong century wasnt I? (Yeah I had heard she liked a few 'illegal' substances :p I want to buy Confessions of an English Opium...eater smoker or whatever the rest of the title is. It inspired Nick Cave, one of my fav songwriters, to write a song Opium Tea, my personal druggy anthem :)
  9. I am bipolar as well and have been smoking through extreme manic episodes. Sometimes it made me worse, sometimes it calmed me down. Luckily i think i am pretty even right now with the current medication I am taking. I know exactly what you mean about it interfering with alot of the people you love.

    Getting headaches and becoming tired is a common side effect from smoking regular "brick weed".

    Weed is not a hard drug, you don't have to worry about overdosing so go ahead and try it. I would say more than once so you become more familiar with the effects then you can make a decision from there.
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    Bipolar + other issues here...and according to my parents, weed helps me more than the drugs the Dr prescribes.:hello:

    My problem is, Missouri has no mmj...:mad:

    Working on moving to California, but it will take some time to save the cash needed...
  11. Hi I'm a 26 year old mom of 5 that has been dealing with bipolar for several years.
    I have found through trial and error that sativa strains just don't do anything for me. They especially don't help when I'm depressed. The indica strains tend to completely mellow me out whether I'm manic or depressed. If I'm manic it calms my brain down I can think one solid thought and not 500 at the same time. It really just calms me down. I've I'm depressed it helps boost my mood. I feel happy and it helps keep my anxiety at bay.
    Not marijuana related but bipolar related. Try to keep all processed foods out of your diet. Stick to "real" foods and watch what you eat. Eating a very healthy diet, getting at least 45 minutes of sunshine on your skin, and 30 minutes of exercise a day can really help in keeping your bipolar under control. Also take a fish oil supplement. Mine says to take 2 and I take 4 a day to help out with it.
    Good luck in trying to find a way to manage it.

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