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Medicinal G-13

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by phoenixBernard, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. I'm smokin this shit right now and damn, i cant feel my legs shit.. crazy shit tho.


    Austin grown right there fellas
  2. That shit looks delicious, i had g-13 before but i dont know if it was legit or not but it DID kick my ass. Have fun with that dankk:smoking:
  3. We just got some medical G-13 too it is some dank.
    nice nugs =)
  4. austin's got some dank man, +rep
  5. So that's what it looked like before it got fucked by Haze. (G13 X Haze):ey:
    I like it....
  6. Yum thats some dank up the dankity train
  7. Looks exactly like the shit I picked up from a construction worker buddy that got hurt and got an MMJ card haha. Not exaggerating, probably one of the best overall highs ever in terms of potency, duration, and sativa/indica ratio. Dank buds!
  8. Very nice I wouldn't mind taking a hit of that :D
  9. same thing here man...

    but op, you have yourself some chronic nugs!
  10. Nice , i love G13 :D
  11. damn... whatsup on a bow of that :devious:
    i've been trying to find a good austin hook up recently, (not asking for one), by talking with different friends to pick up from and drive back here to houston. they have good prices and great bud. a lot of texas bud is grown in austin. i love that place :D
  12. Hahahahahahahah :D Epic comment man "i can't feel my legs" :smoke:
  13. Dude, I have smoked G-13 medical before. Only 2 hits from my steamroller and me and my friend were baked. We took a cruise in the car listening to music and we just couldn't stop laughing at everything. One of the best strains I have smoked to this day. Enjoy it man.
  14. I've supposedly smoked this same strain, looks similar but it's been a while so it's hard to tell...anyway, irrelevant, nice pickup!

  15. hell ya, its probably one of the best highs, dont expect to do shit tho lol.

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