Medication and the right to own a gun

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    So they took the right from MMJ patients to own a gun. That's pretty fucking dumb, as we all know.. I was strongly against it because I thought "if somebody NEEDS medication, why should their rights be stripped for something they can't help?" but the more I think about it, I'm starting to see where they're coming from in a sense.

    Not with marijuana though, I strongly think they should keep their right to own a gun.. But perhaps owning a gun while taking other medications should illegal. I can't name any specific drugs due to rules.. But I mean, fuck, antidepressants for example can really warp your mind if you and them don't get along as intended.. This can easily lead to gun suicide and crime. It's not likely, but then again it's not TERRIBLY unlikely either.

    Hell, I had a friend who took a bunch of anti-anxiety medicine once who took a knife and stabbed it through a guys throat (he somehow was lucky enough to survive). He wasn't an overly violent dude and it's not something he would have done. So I think it's pretty obvious there can be a direct link between medication and violence. Sure, he took a recreational dose when he did it.. But the drugs can affect some people the same way when they use them as directed by doctors.

    Do you think that people prescribed medication that alters the state of mind in such a way should have their right to bear arms stripped from them? I don't mean alter the mind as in it fucks you up.. but that it can distort your view of reality without you realizing it and make you depressed, violent, and 'not yourself'.

    Please refrain from naming specific drugs so this thread doesn't get deleted
  2. wait... mmj patients cant own guns now? when did this happen? and what state is this bs happening in?
  3. I don't think we should restrict people who are on meds from owning a gun. If the meds fuck with your head that much that you consider murder/suicide a reasonable thing to do, then your gonna do it whether you have a gun or not. Like in your story your friend stabbed a guy. Should we take away knives too?
  4. the land of the free
  5. imo they should stop making guns and any medication people wanna use they should be able to use
  6. [ame=]Link Between School Shootings and Prescription Meds - YouTube[/ame]
  7. It is already illegal to use a firearm under the influence of any mind-altering drug.

    IMO it is absurd, ineffective, and unconstitutional for them to jump the gun and determine, "If you have a prescription for __________, you cannot purchase a firearm"
  8. So it's alright to be a gun owner and an alcohol drinker, but not a gun owner and a weed smoker.
    Makes sense, in Pee-wee's playhouse maybe.
  9. They should take that right away from bipolar and schizo people but not MMJ patients, that's just dumb
  10. Ya how the fuck am i suppose to protect myself from all the bipolar schizo fags tryin to break into my crib and steal my beautiful flowers. Oh ya i already have guns so that law doesn't do shit to me.
  11. Yeah, marijuana users should be able to own guns. There's no reason for them not to because mj doesn't fuck with your head that bad. Alcohol... eh, it can change you no doubt.. but the difference between alcohol and things like antidepressants is that with alcohol, you know you're fucked up and you know your judgement is distorted, and that can make you think. Whereas with some prescription drugs, you don't know your judgement is distorted
  12. Pretty well said right here bro...:smoke:
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    Pretty well said right here bro...:smoke:[/quote]

    Very true.

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