medicating your children with marijuana?

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  1. now hold on a minute...... i have never done this nor have i seen it happen but,...... over the winter my kids caught a nasty flu on two separate occasions and it got me thinking.

    the over the counter medicines usually just mask the flu. temporarily relieving pain and nausea, and can also be dangerous when dealing with infants, toddlers and there recommended dosage. where mj could do the same without the dangers of overdosing and maybe even allergic reactions or nasty side effects. i mean really.... if you could give your child a "green" sucker or lollipop to help him out, well would you? if it were legal would you?

    as my kids moaned and cried about how awful they felt, and listening to them vomit in pain and having no appetite, therefore dry heaving there guts out and so on. the question kinda popped into my mind a few times. (not should i, rather what if.) i felt immoral thinking about it sometimes, but then again when your children are in pain, you feel the need to do whatever it takes to make everything better.

    again, i have never medicated my children with mj. it's just a pandora's box question.
  2. if only, if only..... :\
  3. thats some dangerious thinking. it may not be taboo one day and i think its completely fine. but most people including any person even related to the government or media would think your the antichrist lol. i fucking hate this country because they are so far up their ass and only care about money but thats a whole different story. is it a moral thing to do? sure you care about your kids heath and facts says weed will help. but its still very contravercial in todays fucked society
  4. Some people do medicate their kids, I've never heard of it for a simple cold, but it's been done. Why not, right?
  5. you should parent and medicate your kids however you want and have no fear of the views of this fucked society
  6. If I had kids, I would never let them smoke at a young age. However, I would be fine for making some 'feel-good' brownies that will make all your illlness's go away ;)
  7. As much as I love the medicinal qualities of MJ, there's no way in hell that I'd give my daughter (2 1/2) MJ. MJ does affect brain cells, and in undeveloped brains can cause serious learning issues.

    When she's 16 and if her grades are decent, then she can try it under supervision.

    Also, it is against the rules of GC to discuss getting minors high.
  8. I am a firm believer in doing what you want for your own child. However, personally I would say there is an age limit because how the hell do we know the tolerance of a toddler. If a cookie gets me just fucked up how do i know if a half or a quarter isnt too much for a kid? i say they need to be able to talk and do small amounts at a time until they can say they feel good.
  9. What kind of father gives his kid weed is beyond me. I've smoked out 18 year old girls before, their first time smoking, and even they had bad reactions, completely flipped out. I can only imagine how much more intense it would be for a child if they had a bad reaction.

    Normally I would say it would be fine, but a child will be much more sensitive to it, you could get him/her really high and they can freak out. And from my experience, weed can make people act very crazy/weird.
  10. yea i mean there are no studies done on really young kids that i know of. i wouldnt make them smoke ever but iftherewas an edible sure. id just be so sketched about them telling their friends/teachers. i mean only like 0.01 percent of america thinks like us, we just happen to have a very open minded and peaceful gathering here in GC. of course im only 18 and am far from having a kid

  11. No one was talking about "Getting minors high", we were discussing medicating a child.

    Anyway, all of you who are opposed to using marijuana in children obviously don't have a child with a severe disability and otherwise would be taking more dangerous drugs.

    There was a thread on here yesterday, it includes a touching article.
  12. Come on, its not medicating. Unless the child has a medical card it is completely illegal for him/her to be using marijuana. And they dont even give medical cards to kids, so no, its not medicating, its getting a child high.
  13. usually people throw up to get something bad out of their body so, idk, if it would stop them from throwing up maybe, but it sounds like an idea.
  14. a weed sucker would probably work great, but then your kid would tell all their friends, and he would get taken away from you, but if it were legal on the other hand, it would probably work great.

  15. It is also illegal for children to be given alcohol, so maybe all those mothers who rub whiskey on their babies gums to sooth them are guilty of getting their children drunk. Do not come on a forum and say people aren't medicating if they are not legal, i bet there are millions who beg to differ, because guess what, not even the legal ones are federally legal! i am disappointed. :(
  16. I think the problem also lies within the dosage. I wouldn't deny it to be completely immoral if your got your kid super high, but a little might be all you need. I guess the more we find out about MJ's pos/neg effects this question will be answered.
  17. That's a dumb post. No offense man, really.

    So it's only medicating if we have a card that says we're approved to use it? If not it's bad, and we shouldn't use it for medicine?

    If its used for medicine, it's medicating. I don't need someone telling me what's right and wrong.
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    Thats how it is here in the US. This guys kids are sick and instead of getting them real help he wants to make weed brownies. I'm no doctor, but I've never heard of weed brownies being used to treat the FLU.

    And no one is telling you whats right and wrong... That was a stupid post. There is no right and wrong in this thread, its all opinion. Why are you taking my opinion as fact? In my opinion its not medicating if you give a child a highly illegal drug.

    Dont get me wrong. I fully understand the medical value of marijuana, I know how useful it is, but I dont think it should be used on CHILDREN.
  19. I'm not saying you. I'm saying you can't listen to what somebody tells you on whats right an wrong (The government in this case).

    Weed makes me feel much better when Im sick. cures the nausea, pains and allows me to get some food in me and sleep.

    All I'm saying is it's medicating no matter who tells you it is or isnt. If it's used as medicine its medication.

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