medicane man

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  1. Hello people , has any one ever smoked a nice piece of medicane man , would they like the explain the smell of it it .:hello:
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    Grow/smoke it all the time, just did a bong of the sativa pheno. I've found 3 phenos, 2 sativa phenos, grow through the roof, 1 indica pheno, short bushy, also big yielder. The indica pheno had firm buds, very firm, but not rock hard nugs like the sativa phenos. Indica pheno smoked smooth, good taste, bud was widow like and smelled that way. The 2 sativa phenos, more expansive on the smoke, crisper taste, the exhaled smoke smells like catpiss, one phenos smells more skunky/hashy, the other kinda like lime or harsh citrus. Interestingly, i find the indica pheno less couch lock than the sativa, though i'm out playing tennis after smoking either. Medicine Man is a huge yielder, top quality smoke, all phenos!!
    You did mean Medicine Man, right?

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