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Medical Marijuana vs "Regular weed"

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Tags99, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. Can someone help me out here? What's the difference? Someone told me Medical Marijuana is, Quote:
    "medical marijuana and just pot you get from your dealer
    trust me.
    not the same, at all."
    And that the effects are way different:
    "it's so much stronger
    its completely different"

    Now, I know little about medical marijuana, but I fail to see the difference between it, and any other Marijuana, other than growing methods, conditions, strains, etc. So, you could someone help me out here?
  2. That dude is full of crap. Even medical places have lower grade weed as well as the higher grade. But yeah.. there's really no difference between medical weed and street weed.
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    Here in California the "Medical" Marijuana is sooo much danker/better than what I can get from most dealers. The reason for this is that the plants are mostly from local growers and NOT from Mexico. In Mexico, the weed is sprayed with radio active pesticides and mass produced. The growers I know baby their plants, use 100% organic methods and smoke it themselves. They are always trying to find ways to produce higher quality plants. You can however still buy lower quality bud from them if you want. One of the greatest advantages is choice. There are usually over 20 varieties at the dispensary I frequent.
  4. i believe nowadays everyone has somewhat of a tie to medical unless your buying shit weed
  5. The quality of weed on the street and the quality of medicinal marijuana varies from country to country.

    For example in the U.S much of the weed sucks ass because a lot of it is from Mexico, as previously stated, and the good quality shit is expensive. so most likely the medicinal weed would seem better to most people who don't want to pay more money for bud.(which I find silly)

    Where as in Canada the street weed is for the most part all hydro and the price remains constant, BUT the medicinal shit is way WAY less strong, they use non-engineered plants for the medicinal stuff which has a much smaller amount of THC in it than the stuff you could find on the street.

    Which is really stupid because not only is it less powerful but it's more expensive, of course you could get a prescription and then change the weed in the bag you buy but it's quite pricey just to be able to smoke weed, And if the police were so inclined they could take your weed from it and test it and if you were caught with street weed instead of the medicinal stuff you would be charged, of course if you had a prescription and you showed it to them it's very unlikely they would go to such lengths.

    In Switzerland medicinal marijuana is also legal and the quality is about the same as you'd find on the streets due to the current laws stating it's legal to grow any type of weed but not legal to use it as a recreational drug.

    I don't know much about other countries

    Hope this helped.
  6. I'm not sure where you heard this from, but it's the furthest thing from the truth. I've been to Amsterdam and the medical mj I get in Canada is of equal or higher quality than the stuff I had in the Netherlands.

    PS. I don't mean the crap from Health Canada, I mean real, properly grown MMJ.
  7. No you're mistaken, what I said was not furthest from the truth, I DID mean the crap from Health Canada. I lived their from birth for nearly my whole life and I know from personal experience, unless they've changed the policies on the NORMAL prescription of medicinal marijuana in the last three years.

    Through certain organizations you can get very very good quality medicinal marijuana but for this there needs to be very special circumstances and in most cases you would be proscribed THC tablets instead unless you contact these organizations and apply through them.

    p.s. the weed in Amsterdam does not compare to most of the weed in Canada. Unless you can find some from Greenhouse while there.
  8. The only thing that matters really, is the genetics and the way it was grown. Weed does not just magically change properties because its being sold at a dispensary or on the street.
    If the weed has decent genetics and its grown well its going to be dank regardless where you get it from.
    If anything, most of the weed that dispensarys carry is of higher quality because thats the only thing they buy from their suppliers. So in essense medical may be more "consistant" but that has nothing to do with the weed, its the way its grown.
  9. you realize only mids and schawg come from mexico pretty much? In fact most of our weed is grown in the country or from Canada. Ever heard of beasters from BC.. That ship loads of that shit to NY and Philly. And west coast is a whole nother story..
  10. Yeah, Majority of weed in Canada is from BC. As well as a lot of the weed in the US, other than schwag and mids as stated above.
    But thanks for clearing that up, i tried to tell her there was no real difference other than growing methods, but she would not listen. Now I have some back-up. Thanks.
  11. Haha they would mexico weed on the streets in Visalia. Here in Clovis you can get dank as good as they have at Earthsource in Fresno on the streets for around the same price.

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