Medical Marijuana = Recreational Marijuana

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by xcitizensmifx, May 16, 2011.

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    If Marijuana Can Be Used For Medical Purposes, Whats The Issue With Recreational Use? If states acknowledge that Marijuana has Medicinal Properties by allowing Medical Marijuana, what are all these prohibitionists talking about when they say that its dangerous, addictive, too potent, is a stepping stone, etc.?

    If its allowed under medical use = it can be used recreationally with no problems.

    *I understand DANGEROUS DRUGS like pharma, or Heroin. But a freaking plant?

    Why is the public so confused here, they can't put two and two together?

  2. Oxycodone can be used for medicinal purposes but should it be used recreationally?
    I'm not saying MJ shouldn't be used recreationally, just pointing out what the prohibitionists would say...just saying.
  3. I guess what I don't understand about it is that if people accept its medical use by all sorts of patients. They see that it is not dangerous, and that plenty of people use it. Why, when it comes to legalization, taxation, and regulation like alcohol and cigarettes do prohibitionists freak out, like its crack, or heroin or something crazy?!
  4. You and I both know its not dangerous but that can't be said for everyone. There are alot of people who think MJ is very self destructive.
  5. I've done my share of trying to convince people that MJ is safe to use medicinally and recreationally and you learn real quick which people have reefer madness and which ones have an open mind about the matter. You're not going to convince the ones suffering from reefer madness. They get real pissed when you try to convince them otherwise. The truth means nothing to them and you're just wasting your time.

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