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  1. Hey everybody,
    So this isn't my first time on this forum I just can't remember my old account info lol. Anyway, I made a website for medical marijuana pictures and I'm looking for user submissions. I figured posting this in the medical forum of grasscity would get me some solid picture submissions but it requires post review by a moderator and I'm assuming they'll probably mark it spam or something. I decided to post it here instead, not sure where else it should go. Anyway, here's the link. Please share it with your friends, post it on facebook, whatever!


    Medical Marijuana Pictures - MMJPics
    Medical Marijuana Pictures

    Happy picture browsing!
  2. I think this belongs in the medical marijuana section?

  3. Yeah I tried posting it there
  4. I have some of these pics if you look in my past threads. Didn't seem to garner much attention though... I posted them in stash jar I think. Mine are nowhere near as good as yours though... I still need to get a macro lens.. its sacrilege shooting bud porn with a 18 - 105

  5. I'll check 'em out, thanks for the heads up :cool:
  6. Its too informative and superb posting, i like this work done too much

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