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Medical marijuana Liscense? CA.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Gramdatweed, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. I'm just Turned 18 and moving to long beach cali very soon moving from Illinois and was wondering could I get a medical card for social anxiety? I know for a fact I have by my experiences and symptoms be great if someone can inform me on this.Grasscity App
  2. California hands out cards if you complain your eyes are not red enough...
  3. You're probably going to have to come up with something besides telling the doc that you've self-diagnosed yourself and want weed.
  4. Not really. Go to the doc, explain your situation and how cannabis works for you, and they will most likely recommend you.
  5. [quote name="cball" post="19377968" timestamp="1390276245"]
    California hands out cards if you complain your eyes are not red enough...​
    [/quote]SmfhOh yeah? This is why people think patients like me are potheads -.- bro, just keep your opinions to yourself please. Have you personally gone to any "doctor feel goods" in Cali? I'm pretty sure threres a few that arnt legitimate but NOT EVERY doctor will accept just anyone that comes threw there door with do realized they are risking there medical doc degree and they can and have been arrested. All I'm saying is prop 215 helps people like me with all of my horrible ailments and isn't for stoners looking for a legal high and great prices.. That statement you made offended me just to let you know.
    seems you have a stick up your ass...mmj wont help that saddly.
    you really have a chip on your shoulder there little boy....time to grow up and look around...
  7. [quote name="cball" post="19391456" timestamp="1390484067"]seems you have a stick up your ass...mmj wont help that really have a chip on your shoulder there little boy....time to grow up and look around...[/quote]I don't have a stick up my ass thank you and why act like your in high school ? I'm not picking any fights online. I'm saying that when prop 215 was passed it was for people in pain not for legal highs. It just makes cannibis look bad. So I voiced my opinion sir so hate me for it. :/
  8. your=/=you're (you are)
    you came on gc and attacked me
    I repeat : grow up and look may notice an error you made right off the bat (hint, I've been defending mj/mmj and an activist for mj/mmj long before you were a dirty thought in your daddies dreams)
  9. [quote name="cball" post="19391559" timestamp="1390485849"]your=/=you're (you are)you came on gc and attacked me[/quote]How's that? You were making fun of mmj saying every doc hands out scripts if you say your eyes arnt red enough :/... you ripped on a blade for asking a question. When I asked you to be less vague with your answers and stop being a dick to people as in if they ask a question you don't want to help maybe dont reply instead of giving a link to google? Of corse he could have looked it up there but he posted it on here cball..
  10. He posted it on here and cball helped him, by telling him not to worry.
    No one cares if you're offended, it's the internet.  You don't seem to understand how this works.
    Who are you to say who medical cannabis is for?  Who made you God?  California's law is very broad, which means the medical cannabis is for EVERYONE with a card (which is pretty much anyone who wants one).  It's great that's it's available for people with terrible chronic or terminal conditions, but it's also great it's available for those who suffer from anxiety or depression without turning them into criminals.
    Get off your high horse.
    There are certainly unethical doctors out there but most understand that the role of the mmj recommendation is to act as gatekeeper, to make sure that people have some understanding of cannabis as medicine.  They're not a doctor you will see every month to check on your progress with cannabis, that's not how the system works.
    @OP, try, they have a list of doctors, you should be able to find one in your area.  There's a good place in Santa Ana that is very professional, which is where I got mine.  Once the Dr. realized how much I knew about cannabis and had been treating myself, he switched gears from basic info to local tips and suggestions.
  11. California is the only state that got MMJ right, it should be extremely easy to attain because this shit literally helps with everything. So to answer your question op, yes you will most likely get it. To the doctor i went to though they did ask me for some type of paperwork to prove that i had spoken to my doctor about my ailment. Different places will do it differently though.
  12. Wow. Some one gets it. Our state recognizes how great of a plant this is, they came up with over 420 reasons to quaifly for it. Why should you be dying to be eligible for mmj.
  13. [SIZE=12pt]The Medical marijuana of CA has written that medicinal marijuana is a rising procedure modality. CA Prop 215, known as The Compassionate Care Act of 1996, includes in part.[/SIZE]

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