medical marijuana inc stocks good idea?

Discussion in 'General' started by igotplayed, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. I just saw that Medical Marijuana inc (MJNA) had a penny stock and its dirt cheap and  I never once bought stocks. do you think is a good idea to purchase a few thousand shares since the prices are so low and since the country is embracing and marijuana more now days?

  2. Sounds like a win win... buy like $50 worth of shares... it's either gonna be a measly $50 loss or a crazy fucking mega huge profit.sent from underneath my balls
  3. I made a 955% profit increase on investing on MJNA. I bought in when it was at $.02/s. Pot stocks at a whole are very risky and volatile right now so please be careful and only invest with money you don't mind losing in worse case scenario. Otherwise it has been very profitable investing on medical marijuana penny stocks. I only wish I would have had more funds for the initial investment and I would have made a million with that ROI. Another issue is there is a lot of bad press about plenty of penny stocks so weeding through that is a bit painful at times. Also check with the brokers you are using to make sure they don't hit you with too many fees when buying and selling penny stocks, and believe me when I say it almost every mmj penny stock has plenty of people agains them that are shorting them to make profits. Happy investing!

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  4. Penny stocks are usually very risky, be aware of that. But sometimes with great risk comes reward.

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