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Medical marijuana in minnesota

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by agent_00_trees, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Watching it on the news right now, law makers fighting to get a bill passed for minnesota. :devious:
  2. Don't be so negative... :D
  3. We've been talking about it in the Crohn's thread, and I also started a thread in the legalization/activism area for the topic. Got through the Health, Human Services, and Family Safety Committee yesterday. Now it's on to the judiciary committee.

    S.F. 97 is the Senate bill and H.F 292 is the companion bill in the House.
    Follow progress here:

    Also, if any MN patients or residents read this (or anyone else) that wishes to help us here in MN, please contact Tim Pawlenty to urge him to sign this legislation if passed. This is some of the best MMJ legislation I have read. All bases seem to be covered and concessions have been made already in the language as a result of last year's MMJ bills going through committee and being amended along the way. It seems like very workable legislation for both patients and law enforcement. Pawlenty has made claims in the past that crime rates go up in MMJ states, but I have yet to see any evidence substantiating that claim.
  4. I tried using that site...but I dont get it. How close is he bill in MN to getting passed?
  5. Upper left of the page there is a Current Legislation "Get Bill" box to type in SF97 and hit "search." The tab for the House has the same thing upper left, type in HF292 there.

    SF97 just passed the Health, Human Services, and Family Safety Committee after patient testimony and is now with the Judiciary Committee. I honestly don't know how many committees it has to go through. There is support for this bill in the House and Senate. Pretty much gonna come down to whether Pawlenty wants to play god with peoples' lives. Let's hope the bastard is feeling a little more compassionate this year than he did last year when he was threatening to veto. :rolleyes:

  6. Hah word brotha.

  7. i see that you are in minnesota.

    i can't wait to call your mother.

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