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Medical Marijuana in Indiana!!!!

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by ocnad, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. There is a new political action committee in Indiana called Re-Legalize Indiana working to legalize Medical Marijuana and Industrial Hemp. They have also teamed up with Indiana Norml to try and bring Indiana into the fold with the 14 something other states that have legalized marijuana in some form.

    They also have a facebook page you can look up, let's hear it for Indiana!!!!!!!
  2. I saw this a while back and it's awesome but the only bad thing about Indiana and Medical Marijuana.....Mark Sauder. He thinks there is no such thing as MMJ and he has a lot of pull in our state's legislature being from Ft. Wayne. It's great and all that it's finally coming here but we still got a lil while. We are VERY conservative and there must be other voices heard for this to pass. I'm in Kokomo by the way til May and I'm headed to Colorado and I'm going to get involved with some organization there. Somewhere towards the end of my stash thread is a video someone posted....check it out man. Where u from?
  3. hey man, im from Logansport! This is fucking amazing but your right, we still have awhile.. I also hear you on moving, i plan on going to Montana and becoming a Legal grower, trying to find some people to go in with me
  4. I am a legal medical marijuana user in Hawaii but will be moving back to Indiana sometime this year. I wish it was a medical marijuana state because mj is the only things that really takes my pain away. I would love to join some group to help the cause. I will check out the link posted above. Currently, I am a member of Americans for Safe Access and NORML.
    Indiana is so backwards, they don't even sell beer on Sundays unless it is served at a restaurant that serves food.

  5. Yea, I got fed up with Indiana's laws but the main reason is because I want to start over. I'm almost 27 years old and I'm in the same damn spot I was 10 yrs ago. Kokomo is a fucking joke. The lawmakers are so hypocritical it makes me sick but at the same time, everyone in Indiana agrees with them and doesn't know what 'reality' is. I'm glad someone is finally making a movement though because it needs to be done. My friend's aunt is on 5, that's right, 5 nausea pills and it doesn't do shit but I gave her some GDP I got back a while ago and it worked like a charm and yesterday I just got diagnosed with a delayed digestive problem so now I'm on Promethazine nausea pills and now I'm ready to trade my script in and get some real medicine, or something that actually works. Good luck with your move to Montana and if shit falls through, Colorado is a very beautiful state where there are actual classes for the medical marijuana industry and that's a good way to start.

    Wow dude!! Hawaii to Indiana....that sucks! What part are you coming back to? Thanks to California and Colorado, there is good green going around if you look in the right spots. Good luck on your transition back to a non-marijuana friendly state.
  6. funkeenuggz, you should def check out my sig.. sounds like were in about the same spot and could equally benefit from this
  7. Look, the ONE thing the prohibitionists are right about is that medical marijuana is the first step towards legalization. We are getting the cannabis first to those who need it the most- the ill and suffering. After a while, when "Billy-Bob Six-Pack" finally notices that society has not crumbled with the introduction of medical marijuana (and that his granny takes a puff now and again), THEN it will be legalized.

    Now getting all those "Billy-Bob"s to that realization is going to take some work from you guys- it's especially important to do if "Billy-Bob" has "Senator", or "Dr." or other fancy title in front of his name. We have to educate all the "Billy-Bob"s out there, if we want sane laws about cannabis.

    My "Granny's list" gives you a good place to start with your educating. People find it hard to argue when you can produce studies backing your claims up! Get a copy of my list, read until you find some "bomb-shell" articles or studies, print and send them to "Billy-Bob". It is a shame to let people go about in such a state of ignorance! (The US mail does NOT require return addresses to deliver mail. ;) )

    Now look at my sig- see the email? Email me and I'll send you a free copy of my list with hundreds of MMJ studies and articles!

    Granny :wave:
  8. funkee, I used to live in Burbank, CA and all over the country but I always end up coming back to Indiana. I will be headed back to Indy.
    Hawaii is good and the laws are fairly good but do need some work. They allow for 7 plants but only 3 mature I believe. Your definition and mine of mature, may be different than a police officers idea of mature. The laws put you in danger at times even though they are supposed to protect you. You also can't buy seeds or clones. You are allowed to grow but are a criminal if you gain the means to grow. It's a little strange. Now on the east coast they don't want dispensaries but don't want you to grow at home. They argued that dispensaries would bring crime, now they want them and do not want people to grow at all at home.
    I am not the greatest grower but I have found that I really enjoy it. It also allows me to grow what helps me the most. I like the idea of dispensaries but I also want to grow my own. I hope that Indiana one day comes to the realization that legalization will happen. I hope that they make sensible laws as well. I think it will be some time before that ever happens. I think that it would be a federal law before Indiana takes part. Too many people there believe that forced morality is better than freedom.

  9. Very well said. In order for Indiana to become a marijuana friendly state, the feds are going to have to change something and that's why I'm leaving cuz I'm not stick around and waiting. I love everything about CO....the music, culture, laid back people who have common sense, and of course, the good ass weed!!! I'd be happy to say I live out there before living in Indiana. LoL
  10. I don't blame you for moving at all. I think there are too many prudes in Indiana and even when federal laws do change, I think the state will still try to fight it.
    I will do my part to change things but it won't be an easy fight.
  11. Hey, where are you moving in Colorado? Beautiful state. I love it there. Spent time all over places like Durango, Boulder, Colo Springs and other spots. Great place with sensible people. I am sure the weed is wonderful there.
  12. Hey if you guys know of any ways I can help out in Indiana for legalization let me know. ANy contacts you may have would be cool. Hopefully I will be back there by June.

  13. I'm actually heading to Boulder. I'm going to attend Front Community College in Longmont for the first year and once I gain state residency, I'll be going to CU. The architecture of CU is absolutely gorgeous. My roommate already has his MMJ card and I'll be getting mine now that I have gone to the doctor here in Indiana and got a script of nausea pills because I have a delayed digestive problem.

    As for the weed, from what I've been told from my roommate (who is originally from Long Beach and lived in Boulder for 2 yrs), it's just as good as Cali's weed. I have heard from multiple people out there that the black market is starting to diminish tho and people are going the legal way, dispensaries.

    Once these states get their MMJ problems under control, Indiana can learn from their mistakes and make it happen. Iowa is thinking rescheduling MJ to a schedule II, and hopefully that will manipulate the gov't's view. Once something is done is Washington, Indiana will follow suit. We need to throw Sauder out of office some how. I absolutely hate that guy.
  14. I would LOVE to be a legal grower and stay in the same place
  15. I have been doing what I can by supporting NORML and ASA as well as sending in emails to politicians reminding them that marijuana is medicine and I do vote every election. Right now it is by absentee ballot, but I do vote. I encourage everyone to write or call your elected officials and let them know that you are going to vote for the candidate that best serves your interests. Right now, 53% of our nation supports legalization. Time for some serious change.
  16. I am in southern Indiana near Evansville. Cannabis helps my aches and pains when I need it. We hoosiers want our weed legally. It's time to stop lying to the public about marijuana being "of no medical value" and "Highly Addictive" stop teaching our kids that pot smokers are bad people. Give me a shout if any 420 events are happening nearby.
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    First, email Joh at <joh.padgett(at)relegalizeindiana.com> :D

    Next, email me at i.wantgrannyslist(at)greenpassion.org get your free copy of my list and start educating yourself!

    Register to vote, if you haven't already!

    Give your doctor the link to my list. (you can always put it in a letter- the post office delivers letters without return addys! ;) ) Most doctors know very little about cannabis.

    Bookmark your politician's addresses and write them- be persistent and polite! Just do a "this is why I support legalization-" and add a few abstracts or articles from my list. You can really get their attention with article titles like "THC inhibits primary marker of Alzheimer's disease" or "Marijuana Kills Brain Cancer Cells" or maybe a study "{Delta}9-Tetrahydrocannabinol-Induced Apoptosis in Jurkat Leukemia T Cells Is Regulated by Translocation of Bad to Mitochondria"- if you want to twist his brain! :confused: lol

    ("Apoptosis" means "death", incidentally. Yeah, cannabis can kill leukemia cells and they knew way back in 1987 that cannabinoids worked against leukemia cells. :cool: My list has the full 1987 study, "Cannabinoids induce incomplete maturation of cultured human leukemia cells", if you're interested. It's in the "Cancer- leukemia" section.)

    Granny :wave:
  18. I'm from Fort Wayne, and i am definitely voting!!!!! :hello:
  19. right on, to this whole thread.:smoke:

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