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Medical Marijuana For A Minor

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Rayzer97, May 23, 2013.

  1. Hello. I am new to this forum and was hoping that I could find some help here. First I live in California and am looking to get a Medical Marijuana recommendation for my son. He has severe anxiety and depression and I have all of the medical records to back that up. He currently is on Xanax which is very addictive and I don't want him to become dependent on it he also is on meds for depression. He has been through quite a few different meds to help him with both. In my opinion and based on the research I have done I believe that this might be the best alternative. What I am asking is if I took him to a Medical Marijuana doctor what would the chances be that he would get the recommendation? He is 15 almost 16. Thank You

  2. With a parent taking proof of legal custody (and/or proof you are the parent), the teenager and medical records showing the diagnosis + treatments, it shouldn't be any trouble.
  3. If it's all documented, he shouldn't have any poblem. :smoke:
  4. As I hear it, this is a very uncommon thing to actually happen. And in the cases that it does, it's very extreme.
    like this
  5. Sad to hear, but Oregon does not equate to California in their programs. :smoke:
  6. I suppose so. More common down there i take it?
  7. I've heard that anxiety/depression isn't enough to get a card but I've also heard that it is. Can someone please clear this up?
  8. I think you could get it for him in the great state of California. But I also think its a bad idea, in my experience a lot of strains make my anxiety worsen. His brain is still developing, I think you should talk to his psychiatrist and get him off the xanax ASAP. Have them ween his doses down, do not try to quit it cold turkey.

    Try changing his diet, getting him off the processed junk foods, plenty exercising, filtered water, support groups, everything except drugs, save the drugs as a LAST RESORT option. Anxiety and Depression are curable.

    In my experience dealing with my own depression and anxiety, doing drugs is only a temporary fix to a long term problem.

    Sure certain strains can make some symptoms disappear temporarily, but they don't deal with the underlying cause, the problems just pile up and I also recommend studying the effects of THC on hormones and development. Check out this link on the effects of cannabis on the Endocrine system (Adobe Reader required):

    The effects on the hormone testosterone should be of particular worry to you, unless you can get him on those CBD extracts, and take it orally. I'd recommend he stays off the Medical Marijuana until his brain is done developing.

    Or if you insist, only let him use it occasionally on an as needed basis.
  9. I am going with Cball. He has a in-depth knowledge of Ca. program.
    N00b Slayer also has some very good advice. :smoke:
  10. Thanks for the info I think I need to look into it some more before I take him.
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    Hi Rayzer, I'm "Granny" and I would like to help you. First off, I have a huge collection of MMJ studies that I would like to offer you. Just send me an email- check out the bottom of my sig. My List is free and comes with "no strings attached". It may make your researching a little easier. (Many of the studies/articles below are from my List. Also, Hotmail and some smaller email servers may have trouble with the size of the List. Yahoo and Gmail work fine!)
    Have you tried Omega 3 with him yet? It's a slow fix, but it seems to work! You need Omega 3 to make the CB receptors that cannabis (or your body's own anandamide) activates to relieve depression.
    Nutritional omega-3 deficiency abolishes endocannabinoid-mediated neuronal functions.    (abst – 2011) 
    The corollaries of the obesity epidemic that plagues developed societies are malnutrition and resulting biochemical imbalances. Low levels of essential n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (n-3 PUFAs) have been linked to neuropsychiatric diseases, but the underlying synaptic alterations are mostly unknown. We found that lifelong n-3 PUFAs dietary insufficiency specifically ablates long-term synaptic depression mediated by endocannabinoids in the prelimbic prefrontal cortex and accumbens. In n-3-deficient mice, presynaptic cannabinoid CB(1) receptors (CB(1)Rs) normally responding to endocannabinoids were uncoupled from their effector G(i/o) proteins. Finally, the dietary-induced reduction of CB(1)R functions in mood-controlling structures was associated with impaired emotional behavior. These findings identify a plausible synaptic substrate for the behavioral alterations caused by the n-3 PUFAs deficiency that is often observed in western diets.
    Granny's translation -

    "The US diet sucks big time! We are fat, undernourished and crazy because of it. We get WAY too much Omega 6, and not enough Omega 3. Not getting enough Omega 3 can make you a bit crazy because without it, the CB1 cannabinoid receptors in your brain can be deformed or broken! Broken CB1 receptors were associated with "impaired emotional behavior". Our low Omega 3 diet is making us sick and crazy!"
    Further reading-
    How Long Before Fish Oil Works on Depression to Lift Your Mood?
    Why Omega-3s Affect Your Mood         (news – 2011)
    Acne vulgaris, mental health and omega-3 fatty acids: a report of cases
    High omega-6 and low omega-3 fatty acids are associated with depressive symptoms and neuroticism.
    Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Mood Disorders
    Since your son has anxiety, look into the newer "High CBD" strains like "Cannatonic" and "Harlequin". CBD is non-psychoactive and an effective anxiety fighting medicine.
    Cannabidiol reduces the anxiety induced by simulated public speaking in treatment-naïve social phobia patients.        (abst – 2011)
    Cannabidiol, a Cannabis sativa constituent, as an anxiolytic drug.     (full – 2012)
    The fact that CBD does not get you high is a big plus with minors, and it also blocks the memory-fog that THC can bring, so he will be able to remember his school work!  :yay: (I work in education with 8th graders ).
    Cannabidiol inhibits THC-elicited paranoid symptoms and hippocampal-dependent memory impairment.     (abst – 2012)
    Impact of cannabidiol on the acute memory and psychotomimetic effects of smoked cannabis: naturalistic study.      (abst - 2010)
    Key ingredient staves off marijuana memory loss       (news - 2010)
    I would suggest getting him a "vaporizer" to minimize the bad effects on lungs. Edibles are fine, once you figure out the optimal dosage, but they vary in effectiveness because of what you ate and when you ate it, and other quirks of digestion. Tinctures are also a good way to give cannabis. Many California dispensaries have "High CBD" tinctures already made up for sale.
    In California, most reputable "Cannabis Specialists" will give a recommendation to a minor if a parent or legal guardian approves and is physically present, and there is ample medical documentation. But I would call ahead and find out the doctor's view on minors getting a recommendation, just to be sure.
    Hope that helps!
    Granny   :wave:
  12. @[member="Storm Crow"] :love:  dude get this women list it will quite literally blow your mind, also i think you can get the med card in cali for anxiety but i don't know to much about that.. but just wanted to stop in and wish your kid the best of luck in finding exactly what he needs i was about the same age when i started smoking cannabis and it has helped me cope with some major social anxiety
  13. yeah just go down to venice beach  :)
  14. give him all the weed his little heart desires
  15. Hell Yeah California Will Let Ya!! Just bring all your info and then buy him a vaporizer so he doesn't hurt his lungs. ake him munchies and you'll be #1 mom 4sure
  16. I am currently asking for his medical records from his doc and will be taking him. I talked to him about it and he told me he already does it and it helps him so I might as well make him legal.
  17. Amen to that, Rayzer!

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