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  1. Tipping Medical Marijuana Drivers?I live in SoCal and have my medical marijuana recommendation. Most of the storefront dispensaries here have become delivery services, which has me wondering about tipping. The first delivery service I ever used said on their site a minimum 15%-20% tip for the drivers is "much appreciated" so I just went on assuming this to be standard. I typically spend about $100 per week on weed and tip the driver $20. However now I'm seeing a lot of people don't even tip the recommended percentage and most don't even tip at all. I could never flat out just not tip them (I am a food delivery driver so I know how it is), but am I giving them too much? I have no problem giving tips but after a while it really does start to add up. Not to mention if there were more store type dispensaries near me I would opt for those instead of delivery anyway.
    Secondly, am I supposed to be offering to smoke these guys out? I see a lot of others saying they burn one with the drivers. I'm the only smoker in the house so it would definitely be nice to smoke with someone, but I don't want to put them on the spot if they aren't technically supposed to be smoking with patients.
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    I tip my MMJ delivery people only when i get accurate and profesional service. There is no reason to tip for bad service or uknowlegable staff. And when you are well served tip as much as you can afford. I don't smoke them out or offer bud. DUI isn't good for any proffesion.
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    If I get good service I tip any service person.   Some people have limited incomes and they might not be able to tip as much as they would want to.  Most drivers probably understand that before they start delivering.
  4. I'm currently a mmj delivery driver in SoCal and you should definitely tip (albeit 15-20 percent is very generous I've only gotten a tip that size once)

    Most people don't tip and it's frustrating because I really don't make that much money I get paid 10% commission on each delivery so to buy a 60 dollar eighth I only get 6 bucks and I'll sometimes have to drive upwards of an hour to deliver to them

    Don't get me wrong I love what I do, I mean, I sell weed for a living, but a few extra bucks really goes a long way. I suggest a 10% tip at most.
  5. Being one of those delivery driver, I have some that done tip at all. I don't rely on the tips, but it sure helps with gas, food and my meds. So, when your delivery driver shows up on a timely manner, show them some love.
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  6. Yes you should always tip your driver, with good service that is. Bottom line the way I always say it is "Do you too your pizza dude when you got the munchies and he comes to your door?" Damn right automatic.. so why not your weed delivery Angel
  7. I'm in Ca and I only had delivery once for an eighth. I gave them $5 which is what I usually give at the shops too.

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