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Medical Marijuana Card Renewal Question!

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by ChildofBodom27, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    My card is set to expire on july the 3rd and i was wondering do i have to go back to the same doctor i got it from or can i go elsewhere? The medical marijuana clinic i go to in order to pick up my meds i believe does it for you. Also whats the average price for renewal? i hear places go for $60-80 correct? Also what happens if i dont get it renewed by the 3rd? do i have to pay the original price again or is it ok?
  2. I live in Hollywood if that helps, :)
  3. 1. No, you don't have to go back to your original doctor, most doctors will do a renewal.
    2. NO MMJ dispensary can renew your recommendation, it's illegal. Doctors cannot dispense MMJ, ergo, dispensaries cannot have a doctor on staff.
    3. Renewals will cost you between $80 and $150 depending on the doctor you go to. Your mileage may vary.
    4. If you don't go by the expiration date, you should still be OK, just don't let too much time go by.
  4. Yabadabadoooooooooooooooo
  5. So what happens if I'am not able to make it to the doctor by the 3rd and i get pulled over by the cops on the 4th or 5th, does that mean he can screw me and say its expired and give me a ticket?
  6. It's not like a driver's license dude... a cop isn't going to see you speeding and ask to see your license, registration, and MMJ card. I think you'll probably be fine, but if I were you I would just get it renewed ASAP.
  7. In my experience, if you go to a new cannabis recommending doc, they will charge you a new patient price, and will require updated med records, unless your old records show a chronic condition.

    If your recommendation is expired by only a few days, you should be ok, but if more than a month, you may have to go to court to defend your medicinal use. Which is why it's good to have actual medical records to back up your medicinal cannabis use.
  8. BubbleFunker - your experience appears to be the minority - there are doctors who advertise in JEMM, West Coast Cannabis and other MMJ related periodicals every month that have a separate rate advertised for a renewal rather than a new-patient price. I, myself have looked into changing doctors, and every one I looked at offered the same price for a rewnewal regardless of where the initial recommendation came from.

    The other thing about your renewal, if you let it lapse, you won't be allowed to set foot in a club or dispensary, until you have it renewed.
  9. Thank you for the replies.

    I found a doctors office who will renew it for $60 dollars, best price out there. Everywhere else i called is the same $100. Now i got to drive to Downtown LA to see him.

    Here is the website. Absolute Medical Services
  10. They mean that they charge that for patients renewing with them, not renewing from a different doc.
  11. No, it doesn't matter where your original recommendation came from.
  12. Thought I'd update this info...
    There are doctors out there now who will charge only $45 or less for a recommendation, and $35 or less for renewal. I know because that's what mine charges in West L.A..

    My question though is this:
    If I want to go to a new doctor for the renewal, then I have to take my medical records in to him right, and so it's basically like a whole new rec, no?
  13. I had just a doctors prescription as a referal and it got stolen. The doctor i went to, doesn't make many referrals and he's not my family doctor. My referral would expire Aug 2011. Would I be eligible for a renewal or do I need to sign up as a new patient?
  14. That's what I paid..I'm expecting to pay $35 for renewal I got it from Hwood Medical.
    $80~$100? my ass
  15. As I have the disease I need to renew my card regularly, so I go to www.420evaluationsonline.com then chat with the manager and date with the licensed physician. He asks me some questions, gives me consultation. So the simple procedure is completed.

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