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Medical marijuana card and background checks ?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by maxpower10, May 21, 2011.

  1. I work for a health insurance company and live in California. I want to get my mm card but I'm a bit concerned it will show up on my criminal background check. I have worked for the company for over 3 years. I passed a drug test and criminal background check when I was first hired. If I where to get a mm card using only my license and not providing any of my health insurance info would it show up in my background check?. Recently they notified us that they would run a criminal background check on all employees yearly. I'm a little hesitant to get my mm card because of this. Since they are a health insurance company could they access my medical records?. Any suggestions?
  2. Probably not - the records that you have a MMJ recommendation are only kept in your recommending doctor's office - UNLESS you get stopped by LEO and have to go to court, then it becomes public knowledge, and I'm not sure how deep your background check will go, but it's possible that it could show up under those circumstances.

    Otherwise, HIPPA covers you, as your patient status is protected information.

  3. For that, I would find another job...:cool:
    why enable a double standard AND oppressive behavior of a company?:confused:

    You can bet your arse that the companies head 'commies' are not included in those checks, nor do they have to pass a DT...:mad:

    ggggrrrrrr..just another means to keep their sheeple in fear, and thanking their masters for the meager wage so charitably provided (while they sip civet-poo coffee in gold tea cups).:mad::mad::mad::mad:spitsnarlgnashgrowl...let me attem...<cball flexes his sarcasm>
  4. My hubby does medical disability management for an insurance, and he says that the only people that know about the card would be the doctors office, the pharmacy and the governmental agency that audits physicians offices and dispensaries for following the laws.

    The physicians office apparently just gives the number of letters they have issued, and the generic data [male, age 27, migraines type information, not names.] He doesn't know what info the dispensaries have to give the government. If you get the card and just grow, nobody will know =)
  5. my wife has worked in the "real" medical field her entire adult life. i was a caregiver and budtender, involved in the Los Angeles MMJ community for a few years up until 2009. i can Without a shadow of a doubt tell you that it wont show up. its not criminal. and you are forgetting the biggest thing here. DOCTOR-PATIENT CONFIDENTIALITY. your medical record isnt on display for employers to rummage through.

    i hope this may help you in your search for answers.
  6. Medical records are private, but companies can be sneaky and find loop holes in things...

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