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Medical Marijuana and Concerts

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Rise Against, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. So anyone know how this works? Going to a concert tomorrow and would like to medicate. I'm not planning to smoke, just bring a couple edibles. Will I be given a hard time by security? Thanks! :wave:
  2. They might give you trouble just because you are trying to bring in an outside food. I'd just eat it in line before you get into the concert. About the time it starts working is probably about the time the show will start.
  3. Thanks for the input! But it's actually a music festival. I will be there a good portion of the day, so I don't think that's really an option. I would prefer to medicate throughout the day. I was just planning to bring a cookie and a lollipop. They'll have a problem with this?

    Anyone have any ideas?
  4. Just eat them before??? :confused_2:

    They take awhile to kick in and last forever compared to smoking, so why the worry? Eat 'em before you go into the concert.

    EDIT: I seriously doubt they will even know what the lollipop is, either.
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    I heard straight from Eagle Rock's chief of police that our laws grant us protection to smoke in public places, a patient with a valid rec smoking a joint in public is not violating any marijuana use laws.

    Of course, you're still subject to smoking bans, so be respectful of them. Also, hired security guards usually aren't aware of these rules, and are prone to tackling you first, and asking questions later.

    But, just to be clear, you are legally allowed to smoke anywhere smoking cigarettes is allowed, unless otherwise stated.

    On topic, bringing edibles in, with your rec, should be ok, but realise you do run the chance of having your stuff confiscated with no recourse to get it back, unless you want to sue the venue or security company.
    Security guards routinely "do what they want", especially concerning drugs.
  6. In that case I'd say you're golden. Shouldn't have any problems. If someone does make it a big deal just tell them you are a diabetic and never know when you might need a quick fix.

    Who's playing at the festival?
  7. Thanks. I had no clue that I could medicate in public! I always thought you had to keep it private, similar to alcohol.

    Yeah, so I guess I'll just eat the edibles if they try to take them away.
  8. Cool, good idea! The 2 headlining bands are Rise Against and Blink 182. Bad Religion is playing too, amongst other rock bands.

    Guess I really have nothing to worry about. Thanks for the help everyone! :D
  9. Doesnt matter if you have a rec its a private venue so they do not care. Its not hard to sneak in bud into all sorts of venues. But since your using edible eat them in line:rolleyes:
  10. Unless they pat you down prior, will a few cookies and a lolipop not fit well in your pockets?

    Have fun, live music + bud is the best!
  11. You're better off just rolling a few joints. Food might not be allowed but they aren't really gonna hassle you if you bring a pack of cigs filled with j's.
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    Where is this concert and whos concert is it? But most security pat you down and since you vant bring outside food in thy would take it. Just eat it an hour before the show starts. Or put it in your crotch. i've brought LARGE quantity of various drugs into shows... nevr had a problem.... well just once but nothing money can solve....
  13. Thanks guys. I actually got some cannabis capsules from the clinic yesterday. So I think I should be good. :p
  14. ^ What concert? and capsules are perfect or next time try the THC strips that look like those listerine mint strips. There very potent and you get two 20. I see you live in OC What dispensary do you go to? What concerts tonight?

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