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Medical Journal discussion of Medical MJ

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by proteus patient, Oct 3, 2010.

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    i just found this link, its a great article, out of A reputible Medical Journal, the article was compiled from hundreds or other MMJ articles from other Medical sources by a team at the University of Washington @ seatlle School of Medicine. Its rather long but is jam packed full of info :

    Its got alot of good info, The article is written in "The Journal of Opioid Management" but it pertains to all medical usage of our God given herb

    I think I'm going to print out copies and every time i go to see a Dr, I'll leave it in the waiting room, or on his/her desk; somewhere.

  2. I like how they discuss and seem to conclude that the naturally occurring mixture of cannabinoids found in the plant itself seem to work better than the pharmaceutical extracts. That should be given to all the politicos who say that we already have pharmaceutical answers and don't need to allow the legalization of the whole plant for medical consumption.
  3. Thanks, after a quick peek, it appears like a sweet find. :smoke:
  4. Thanks dude to share this thing. This is a very informative article good discussion abut medical Journal so nice. I appreciate it!
  5. i didn't read the entire thing yet. I thought this part was interesting. It was talking about the government program that provided medical cannabis for a select few patients and why it was closed down to new patients. the article stated:

    "It was abruptly closed to new enrollees in 1992 with the explanation from the US Public Health Service that the program was undermining negative public perceptions about cannabis needed to sustain its illegality for the general population."

    How about that!! Enough to make you sick!!
  6. An aquatence of mine is currently taking methandone For Sever back pain, caused by; 2-herniated disks, DegenerativeDiskDisease. He was Given this Article by a Nurse at his Pain Clinic -- It discusses the Uses of Medical pot such As a Pain Supressor, Appetite stimulator and so much more. My Friend has been on Methadone for 3 years; and before that he was own "Actiq" fentanyl patches and OXYs on top of all that. Since I was able to show/Smoke him up with medicinal grade bud I'm hoping to get him to start his own organic room. The only problem is the prices to the US - Anyone got any Xtra beans - Just kidding

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