Medical card holder violated at hands of dirty sherrif!!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by frizzlefry421, May 21, 2010.

  1. That's terrible to see the destruction those low life pigs for cops did that man. 60 something years old and gets treated like a piece of crap.....I really fear for what my kid's generation is going to be like it we don't fix this shit ourselves.

    I hope he gets reimbursed for all of the damage and loss they caused him.
  2. wow.. I totally agree. Since when did the USA become a militaristic country where the police forces can do what they want, and treat citizens however they wish? Reminds me more of Nazi Germany. (thinking of the other stories I have been reading of family households being broken into, pets shot, etc) Why should the police be able to just remove and confiscate whatever they want? If the guy is legal, he's LEGAL! At that moment the police should be embarrassed of themselves and excuse themselves, and make things right.

  3. If I were that guy I would try with all of my effort to sue the fuck out of that county's PD, this is absolutely ridiculous. Who the fuck gives them the right to destroy someone else's property?
  4. dude ya, its only a small time till the stoners pull the whole kharma game and start fucking shattering alcohol distilleries and liquor stores, cause all in all, they do more damage to people than anything
  5. if i was that dude i would be FUCKING PISSSED. he was legal, they destroyed his grow equipment valued at 7000, and his plants. now he has to find some way to get his medicine and pay for it. thats bullshit. i would sue too. thats alot of time and money wrongfully taken/destroyed.
  6. I'd rather not have kids, if that's the case, like how fucked up can someone be in there mind? I don't understand it o_O
  7. The fact that the police are destroying anyone's private property is something that surely should be looked at. Last I check it was illegal to destroy private property of private citizens regardless of what it is used for. If we are going to let cops destroy private property in this country then how are we any better the Facist Germany under Hitler and his secret police.

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