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  1. Names Ryan I live in Hawaii and want to engage more conversation with medical cannabis users from the green states . conversation on growing techniques and all aspects of the plants growth , Ide also like more insight on the methods of cloning , topping, lighting ratios and other various growing questions .
    I have a personal grow for my state medical card , state allows me to grow up to seven plants , I currently have made a small shelf in my hall closet into a mylar grow box which I use at night , its powered by four ,twenty watt florescent bulbs . I have been using Fox Farm Ocean Forest potting soil with a local Hawaiian brand of soil which im sure has good content . I have three seedlings and there all about two and a half to three inches tall. they have been on this procsess for about three days since transplanted .
    The box stays on all night untill morning then i water i put them out on my balcony any where around eight or ten depending on when i wake and get them out of the light box . they receive direct sunlight till about six pm then i water and put back in the grow box . have been giving discreet amounts of grow big fox farm in there water once a week to encourage vegg growth.

    Getting new lights tommorow , four , twenty watt florecent bulbs arnt gunna cut it

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