Medical Bag Seed - First Grow

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  1. Hello blades. This is my introduction to growing. I am quite "green" to growing marijuana leaves but I do know a bit about general techniques from working at a nursery for a couple years.

    I was living in LA so I had access to some of the best bud for super cheap however, things came up and now I'm living in a rural area with dirt ganj for super expensive save for a few exceptions. Needless to say, I grew tired of this game quick and decided to attempt at cultivating my own sweet, sticky herb.

    I should have spent a little more time reading but, things are somewhat under control now after battling bad advice (giving seedlings nutes) to stupidity (my girl let her lizard take a chunk out of my seedling) then root rot (hopefully under control now but, still kinda iffy) and possibly underfeeding now :rolleyes:

    My biggest issue was how small my room is. Only about 4' of head space so, I needed to figure out how to keep it short. Read a lot about training methods and decided, I'll try them all :) I think I failed at Fimming because I didn't get the results I have seen possible. But, I tied it to be perpendicular to the net pot and topped it just before it went over to create a nice bush. Then topped all the branches and super cropped everything. Great results. At it's widest it measures 35" and it's tallest point is only 13":D Tomorrow is the beginning of week 3 of flowering. It was a 2 month veg but, lots of issues stunted growth.

    Now for the actual information! The strain is either Raskal OG or "Organic OG" from Dreamland dispensary in Studio City. (The absolute best place to get your meds. If anyone reading this goes there, send Paul my regards) I got the seeds mixed up sadly but, it's definitely one of those. It's in a shallow water culture set up. It was designed for 4 plants but, I only had two and one ended up being male so, I just let this one get bushy as hell :D 15W of air pump divided into 4 stones. Two 3W water pumps for circulation. 250W hps but, I intend on upgrading. 110cfm fan cooling light and exhausting a 3x3x2 veg chamber and an approximately 275cfm fan exhausting my flower room. Direct line into central air for better temp control. Using FloraNova series. Well, part of it. Right now, I use Bloom, liquid Kool Bloom, Cal Mag+, ProTekt and a little Supernatural Superlicious.

    Any comments, suggestions or questions are more than welcome. Not sure how often this will be updated but, I wanted to show a couple people my progress. But I will definitely get some better pictures soon when the lights are off.


    Raskal/Organic OG
    Shallow Water Culture (4 gallon capacity)
    250W HPS
    15W air pump
    2 3W water pumps
    385 cfm of air flow
    LST, Topped, Fimmed, Super Cropped.

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  2. Some pics with the hps off. The last picture is of my veg chamber. 2 white widow,.2 big bud and 1 northern lights. In 1 gallon pots with FFOF.

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