media scrambles to make white flash mob connection

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  1. White Teens Run Over Black Man In Surveillance Video - ABC News

    The timing of this article is very odd. May or may not have? Why dont they wait for.the facts and evidence of multiple examples instead of running a story with a couple peoples opinion? They turned a single instance into a epidemic with zero evidence. Its like they want their to be an angry white flash mob whether it exist there or not.
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    I hope they get these fuckers.
  3. dude that video was non conclusive... you see two or three boys get back into a truck after walking to the hood of the truck. then they are off that camera angle. then they return to inside the truck. slowly pull up then speed off around the bushes towards the exit.

    I dunno, seems like progress today would be us figuring out how to turn off the television in every home.

    we do not need to know about this. its cool that we get to pretend to have a say in it, but it sucks even the most neutral into losing their balance on this earth.

  4. I encourage everyone to read the article.

    It is one sentence that says the Head of the states's NAACP (or just some black guy) says that it may be related to other instances. It think your just so paranoid about them trying to do this that you cant actually read the article with a clear head. The whole article is one sentence! And you're saying they turned it into an epidimic.
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    they have since changed the link and taken down the main article, let me see if i can find the full article.

    First paragraph of article .

    "may be responsible for other attacks on homeless black men in the area, the head of the state's NAACP told"

    "The attack on Anderson may have been the latest assault on blacks in the area, Derrick Johnson, president of the Mississippi NAACP, told He said evidence indicates the white teenagers deliberately "set out to go and mess with African Americans."

    Johnson said that sources who wished to remain anonymous said the teens "had, as a practice, targeted African Americans in the city of Jackson who were homeless." He's now working to verify the legitimacy of those claims.

    Jackson police spokeswoman Colendula Green said detectives had received a call from "one person" saying that "white people" were beating up on homeless African Americans.They looked into it, she said, and couldn't substantiate the claims.

    For now, she said, "it's hearsay," and the alleged incident reported to police happened "three or four years ago."

    What i find interesting is the timing of the story and how they start off suggesting that they had their hands in numerous other events, but dont provide any examples or evidence of such. But ABC had to respond to the potential black mob.... by producing a scary white mob . I just think our media is funny.

  6. lol i literally thought this was the whole article and you drew all your conclusions from this one sentence
  7. QFT

    The so called "news" produced on television is laughable

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