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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by ox38776, Jan 4, 2004.

  1. what is the meaning of lie to you?

    i just want happiness.....whatever it is ill take it...thats what lifes all about in my world.
  2. balance....

    that is the reality of life....

    the more good you have ...the more bad you will also have...

    everything comes in equal shares...
  3. What is the meaning of life......?

    If you are able to ask this question, you have the answer.
  4. The meaning of life is enjoyment. Enjoy what you're doing,
    whatever it may be, because you only get this chance. After
    this, there is no more.

    Anger and hate suck you down. Hold on to Joy in your life.

  5. how can you have one and not the other?

    you cant....

    so imo.....your statment is more of a personal goal than the meaning of life?

    i think the meaning has more to do with finding out what you are and who you are

    not about trying to limit cannot live without can find positive ways to deal with that anger...
    but if you try and deny your anger are denying a part of yourself....accept it

    and as for hate.....i agree people should nat walk arround hateing each othe r....but how can we apprecate love ...if we have never felt hate?
  6. If Christianity has its way...this is the meaning of life.

    There's this creator of the Earth. He created a place for us to chill in eternal life. Earth is the place where we prepare for this and is us contiusly sayin "Ey yo, we don't feel like coming to heaven." Thats what life is, us contiually saying no.
  7. why dont you look it up in the dictionary?

    sorry just had to say but yeah its in there.
  8. i live to see how far humans can get. if i didnt think we could achive the heavens for ourselfs i'd proberly kill myself :(
  9. If I ran down the whole thing to you, your head would explode.
  10. Just to experience. Not only happiness, everything.

    It also depends, if there's a bigger picture that I can't see, the answer could change.

    But fuck, do whatever you want. Live.

  11. Not saying don't have any anger in your life, just saying don't
    let it rule you. Same with hate.

    Sorry I wasn't clear on that.

    Just basically saying this is it, better enjoy your stay, cause
    there might not be anything else.

    That's my motto.
  12. To achieve the highest wisdom and intelligence i can. To become "enlightened" on my purpose here on earth. Still searching..

  13. yeah but ....whats the questgen?
  14. I don't know but I can tell you that both the question and the answer are divisible by 2.
  15. almino acids

    3 got together boom instand one celled thingie and soon follows evolution
  16. cells are made of a phospholipid bilayer(the membrane). know what else is a phospholipid? soap. some shit gets caught in a soap bubble. put there by god. wha-boom.

    one time when i was stoned i started thinking, and was so convinced i had figured out the true meaning of life, but then i forgot it. :confused: seriously. shit, i need to start writing stuff down... : )

  17. Wow....sometimes this site is my personal memory bank....
    Some ways of seeing things have managed to make it this far with minimal evolution...
  18. To find out who you are.
  19. The meaning of life is hard to define, because every individuals idea of their meaning of life is different. Some people also never ask themself this question.. I would say for me i see no meaning, i am simply alive therefore i am in this life and thats enough. Whatever life brings us we gotta maintain thats my philosophy even if times get hard..

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