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  1. nothing funny ,no wity jokes ,just me ,as you may have seen on a few post i saw the starting of a new site ,dont worry thats not why i am here i not here to sale you anything you have my word. well i tryed to help them ,they said i was trying to hard! i am put off by the lack of being able to help,in retrun i have lost some faith in the sites i do care about ,i saw what could have awakend us all ,fall by my feet,yes i am depressed and i just feel like walking back into the darkness i have know and under stoud in the pass for many years,i just can take shame theres no place in my life for has cut me deep . i fail to see the need for the ink to be apone the pages as i speak.the quite over comes me i have try to give of my self to the sites just to breath new life to the fight for are rights,i just cant fight now i look for the darkness like a old friend if not just to know its deepths and its peaceful quiteness.i hope you all under stand...good luck tazz11
  2. so, i can be that way if i wanted so ,why aint i ? its to easy ! lie ,cheat ,i would'nt want those words on my grave stone or would i want to be know by them! one must respect them selfs frist what others do has nothing to do with me i see others take the easy way out ,but they are easy! trying to fill their greed and not careing about others just them selfs!i think what did christ teach us! nothing, he was him self and we longed to under stand him,we saw something in him that we are selfs wish to have and so much we tryed to learn all we could about him and who he was!christ did not give us anything ,we saw what we wanted by seeing him be what he was!i can only look threw the glass ,and hope what i see is what i want to see ,if not it is are own wisdom that tells us to find a nother window or to look harder to understand what we see before are eyes behind the glasses of life! are eyes only see! it is are minds that under stand what is being seen .yes i am a fool ,but i am a fool of my own make ,i see threw the reflaction of my self and out the window and in to the worlds beyond!but yes one must notice the reflaction of them selfs and be at peace with it . yes i am a sad old fool because there are few like me still around! that are welling to be are selfs even if we are looked at as fools!we are lost to man kind,we have fell to time and the ways that try to replace us old fools.maybe not!maybe just a few will be stronger than time or speace!or life fore that matter!...good luck tazz11
  3. Rainman, there are people in the world who lie chaet and steal every day. That is the only life they may know. As for me and critter and a few more that i know, we would rather tell the truth as to live. I agree with critter , this is the neet and it makes it easy for people to lie and etc.... because they can hide behind the screen of the computer. I don't feel the need to lie on the computer or to hide. If i don't want someone to know something i just don't post it.

    Cheer up friend! there are some good people in this world to talk with.
  4. so much do they cost!lol
  5. Some of the posts on this site should cheer you up rainman! old and young seem to come together on many topics,and I'm sure with your good heart you can "see" through the liars and cheats with ease!!Be of good cheer!!You have MANY friends here!!
  6. i have spent my life liveing in my own world unable to change anything with out a cost being audistic is harder than you could under stand ! some of you may know some what of what i speak from watch the movie the rainman but my life was not 1 hour and 45 mins long ! i can only enjoy my life till it ends ,for happyness or sadness i feel them all , i enjoy my feelings as they let me feel life from within! its when i cant cry or lol that i'll know its time! but till thin we are here in the ink i have broken my shell and i am here with you all ! god has truely blessed me for i have gone where few audistic have gone before ,here i am standing in the ink with you all ,if you wonder how great grasscity would be ,look now ! i stand before you! with you all here with in the ink able to talk to this boxs of light and keys ,could i ever want more than what i have be fore ,freinds ,and a open window to the world that i would truely parish in ! my spirit flys like a bird out this window and you are my freedom ,you have set me free !these sites are what we make of them,i can only give what i feel ,i would happly share my ink with you all ,i'll reach in to my soul and share it like passing a comlet of wine ,how great is this site can only be seen by feeling the ink and those that make each page!some times i read ! some times i cry ! ,some times i lol ! but allways i am free here to be myself ,god how great can it get , i'll read on ward and see......and feel are lifes and spirits in the ink! .....or just fly above free to go were my mind wishes to wonder.......good luck tazz11

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