Me on DXM at Walmart

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by s0ad05, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. So i decided to take like 500 mg of dxm and I somehow ended up at walmart looking for headphones so that I can play counter-strike with a microphone. Well that WAS the plan but DXM kinda put me on a different route through walmart. I got up to the front door and this guy came up to me out of nowhere. It was almost like he popped up around my shoulder but anyways....he was like "HEY DO YOU HAVE A CIGGARETTE?"

    Now i thought he said "HEY DO YOU HAVE A SPLIFF" So i pulled out a joint. He looked at me like i was god or something cause i've never seen a grown man smile so much in my entire life. He was like "No man i just wanted a ciggarette"

    So i get inside of Walmart and i have a RIDICULOUS robowalk going on through out the entire store. Everyone must of thought i was a retarted version of Frankenstein but i was just chillin you know?

    Anyways the fucking headphones weren't there and so i tripped my way back here and its still kicking in hard. Im sorry if you cant understand this shit but i can.....haha

  2. hahah im suprised the dude didnt toke it up with ya
  3. i think we were both in the state of shock and now im dancing
  4. haha that made me laugh, pretty hard :laughing:

    i love dex stories, +rep
  5. I would of took it no questions asked. Haha thats pretty damn funny man
  6. haha i wouldve loved to see his expression when you pulled out that joint.

    how long is your trip lasting btw? seems long
  7. Im still feeling the effects of my trip and its been about 4 and 1/2 hours.
  8. my trips are close to 6 hours usually

    delsym gets me around a 10 hour trip
  9. hahaha that rules if i ever see someone walkin around like a retarded frankenstein ill be sure to ask for a cig
  10. Strange/fun stuff always seems to happen when you're on DXM in public. It feels like that scene from Fear and Loathing where they're at the casino in that part that goes in a circle.
  11. Quote of the day.

    EDIT: Quote of the yesterday. Damnit!
  12. yea really that guy should of blazed with you
  13. hahahahahahahahah

    good thread, good thread :smoke:
  14. yo that shit was funny as fuck, cant believe you whipped a joint in wal mart trippin on dxm how much you weight, and did you hallucinate
  15. man thats crazy ive robo reiped like two times now off zicam(455mg) both times and i gotta give you alot of respect and props man thats hard i couldent never even dream of going anywhere areound people on dex i walk like a damn zombi with water all in my legs haha o well funny story man props
  16. love the dex story, hehe I love the dxm stories

  17. mm delsym... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm DELSYM >>> MMMMM ... oo if i could rember that day haha

  18. cause delsym has time-relese DXM in it.. if toy want a crazy trip, drink a 3 oz bottle of delsym and pop 20 robo pills
  19. it isnt the same kind of dxm(dextromethorphan polistirex) instead of DXM HBr.

    the last time i did delsym i drank a 5 oz bottle and popped 20 robo gels. and you are right skittles, it is CRAZY

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