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me high long time,.,.rant

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Apr 7, 2003.

  1. thisr ant is a thc soaked totally wrecked venture through my head....
    time is as plastic as a spork
    it is bendable and pliable at your discretion, each and every time you pick up a bong, time slows down, not because it does on clocks, but your true perception of time is altered
    i got super stoned with my best friend that im banned from,his mom went to louisianna, so we toked all day, hes made up some new bong technology, lol, have to see it to understand it..also, i have now reached Excalibong clearing level 1....full load,, i think i made room for the smoke between my ears.
    sex high is the mother fucking greatest, got my girl to smoke with me friday night, and oh god, it was the best sex i have ever had, and she is really getting great at giving head
    oh..maybe i told too much with that one
    we busted out the tent and smoked it out, the smoke dome was erected in honor to his big break from tokeage

    im super fucking tired from work
    oh yeah, i got my weed from the guy that stole money from me, he came clean, admitted to stealing it, and gave me a fat sack to compensate for anger.

    am i
    time is bendable....time can stretch, time isnt as complicated as it is made out to can ;time travel; with a bong.
  2. lol. hell yeah you can time travel with a bong. you can time travel with hallucinogens too :D
  3. damn straight.... the time machine will probably be the name of the next piece i get lol
  4. I saw a Delorean once.

    Future KraziHare: "Krazi, don't post on the 'me high long time,.,.rant' thread! For the love of... damn it. Oh well, nevermind then. Don't smoke that black fuzzy stuff you found under your bed, it's not weed. uh, bye

    me: "wait! what's the future like?"

    Future Me: "eh... s'okay. gotta go now"


    I'm gonna go see about the brown stuff under my couch now.
  5. dude..nam..
    you dont know how much sense you make to me
    it seems like the post is a rant
    but its SO FREAKIN TRUE!!!
    thats exactly true!
    cant wait for me to get high so I can rant some more..!
  6. when im high, i can rant for freakin like ten days, and finally friends will just tell me to shut up, and then i start ranting about why i was ranting, lol, its great. i gotta blaze sometime soon, i havent done so in like 3 weeks and i have a quarter...
  7. Your rant is to short!! Smoke some more then try again
  8. That rant made we want to watch Donnie Darko yo! I have to get blazed and watch that 2 night. Time machine son! JOE>

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