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me coughing

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jake.stevens195, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. Sometimes when i rip a heuge bong i cough, people laugh at me. but surely im clearing some of the crap out of my lungs. am i right?
  2. if they dont cough every once in a while they're inhaling wrong
  3. This is because it is thought of as a thing of pride to not cough while smoking. First few times you smoke, you cough heaps. Its sort of a rite of passage to not cough, just make it clear your a new smoker and you need to break in your virgin lungs.
  4. lol @ first post

    coughing is completely normal, even the shittest of weed can make you cough, and of course the best.

    When you cough thats just when you KNOW you got a good hit.
  5. thank you people, now i can show them this. that should shut them up for a while.
    (BTW, damn u guys reply fast)
  6. Yeah, no problem welcome to GC. I gotta go with Em here and say that yeah this did make me laugh, you will understand as you go on with your pot smoking career:D.

    Also, if they are new to smoking and not coughing at all, they arn't holding theri hits in propperly, so you get higher then them and you can make fun of them for that.
  7. If they're laughing at you for coughing they're probably new to smoking too. :rolleyes:

    I've been a daily smoker for probably 4+ years now, and I'll still hack my lungs out after a giant bong rip. I cough quite a bit actually.

    I'm sure it doesn't help that I smoke cigarettes as well.

    Coughing is just a fact of smoking though. Some people don't cough, but many do, and it doesn't have any bearing on how seasoned you are or how "good" you are at smoking.
  8. Foreign particles are entring your lungs, of course your going to spasm to remove them.

    I wouldnt smoke with someone who laughed at me for coughing..
  9. its ok, these are sound people i hang round with (weed or no weed), i have actually been smoking longer than them, but they still think i have "kiddies lungs". besides i do take BIG rips, i like to make the most of it.
  10. Oh, so its just friendly joking.
    Thats different then.

    Welcome to GC, stay a while and light up!
  11. #11 jake.stevens195, Oct 23, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 23, 2008
    it does get kinda embarasing though. especially when other people are around. thinking about it - if you look at my room after i been in there, you can tell i dont hang around.

    (i think paranoia doesent help)

    i do tend to talk random shit while stoned. its a good way to get to know yourself.
    better than alcohol ANYDAY.
    fuck it.... :smoking:
  12. Just fuck them, never be embarrased just because your coughing.
    its natural.
    ive been smoking 6 years and i still cough.
    When im in a group and i see someone coughing im like " man they took a big hit!"
  13. k cool.

    next question.... by me coughing im doing myself a favor, cleaning some of that shit out. am i right?

    (sorry, i just sit and smoke it, i dont normally ask questions)
  14. well, sort of. you might get rid of some of the phlegm in your lungs and throat when you cough, and you WILL expel the smoke out of your lungs, but as far as tar and stuff... no such luck. That shit sticks to your lungs, so as soon as you inhale it, it is there for awhile (a few minutes to a month, depending on how much you smoke).

    fortunately, cannabis smoke doesn't cause cancer and has very little tar. if you want to be a lot healthier, you can buy a vape (no known health issues).

    again, coughing is totally normal for (a) newbies and (b) big rips, so don't worry about it. pride yourself on taking huge rips... you get really high that way :)
  15. Yeah, actually my friends dad who smokes like a motherfucker (cigs and pot for 30 years, and tons of other drugs) coughs alot after every bong hit... and he definetely doesnt have virgin lungs
  16. its no problem asking questions bra!

    what do you mean by shit?
  17. i think QED nailed it.
    shit being phlegm as he said it.

    [you guys are nicer than on other forums, some game forums there callin u a "noob" every 10 minits. your all sound]
  18. Do you think we sit around all day on our computers waiting for young inquiring pot smokers like yourselves to stumble upon our forum in desperate need of pot related answers for nothing? We like to pride ourselves on our speed and accuracy. ;)
  19. I've noticed a few things that make me cough for sure.

    Hot smoke (like from a roach that's getting too short)
    and stems.

    If I smoke stems, the smoke is really harsh and makes me cough a storm.
  20. Sound, im kinda finding it hard to get my post count up, lookin at some of your its shocking. keep up the good work though.

    (if i knew what "+rep" meant i would give all of you it)

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