me and my freinds song

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  1. [ame][/ame]
    Its a rough copy of me and my friends song
    Let me know what you think
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    you aren't spitting bro

    talking over a beat doesn't make a song.

    and did you produce that beat? i don't hear a bass line.

    all in all keep doin what you're doing but you guys need to spit.

    do you have a diaphragm? HARE IT! its very clutch.

    good luck
  3. Yah all the beats I use are homemade
    And I'm working on my emotion I put into the songs
    But how do you feel about the lyrics
  4. well, its all preference dude.

    like honestly, imo, i don't like the beat. i prefer to use samples, a simple boom bap style beat with a bass line. keep it simple and keep the focal point on the lyrics.

    and yea, emotion is one thing, but you need to "spit" ya know? be louder, make your presence on the track known.

    about the lyrics? i don't like them but thats just my opinion so don't let it get you down.

    i also produce and record hip-hop, if you want i can post a link to a track for you, and you'll see where im coming from.

    but like i said, your track isn't at all my style so don't let me not diggin' it put you down. just do YOU, and don't let people change the way YOU do things ya know?
  5. I'm the last one
  6. [quote name='"joshvarnell"']I'm the last one[/quote]

    ya, i made the connection with the names on the track and your username haha
  7. Ow allright what did you think of it over all besides my part
  8. [quote name='"joshvarnell"']Ow allright what did you think of it over all besides my part[/quote]

    overall? i think its a hip-hop track.

    imo, i don't like it because its not my style

    but keep doing you, and work on spitting from the gut man
  9. Ok so first off I like the beat, it actually reminds me of summer in the amazon. That's good man, keep that originality up, hiphop needs it. As far as the lyrics...I couldn't understand really shit you said, and what I did understand didn't have any cohesion or originality in it. As someone who writes and spits I would say actually spit it, and I mean really fucking spit it. Shit if you have to yell for people to hear you do that because that would be a waste of your time and mine not to let thoughts be heard when that's the sole intent of what your doing. Keep it up though, you can only get better
  10. I like this song, it needs to be more clean and re recorded. Some parts need to be prolly rewritten. Also change it up a little its very repetitive. Its starts strong but by 2 min in its drags.

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