Me and my buddy doin a paper for a half zip

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Spitzz, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Worth it? He gave us like one night to do all of it, but in my mind I think its worth a free half o of some nice mids :p

    What are your thoughts?
  2. Half of mids? Isn't that like 30$ split 2 ways is 15$.. how long is the paper? You only know how much your time is worth
  3. how long of a paper? id do it most likely
  4. Where I'm at its like $70 for a half. And its a 3-4 page research paper. I don't mind much its pretty easy as I'm naturally good at writing papers.
  5. Ok well then 35 each.. if you split the work and write 2 pages each it shouldn't take longer than an hour. Id say go for it. I don't smoke mids but I know plenty of people that use it for blunt filler. Cheers to your free pick up (sorta free :p )
  6. Just do it bro. Free weed is good indeed.
  7. What's the topic?

    I'd do that for sure man. That's awesome. Half of mids for me is at least $100.
  8. Hellz yeah. My bro bought me like, an O of mids a few months ago...and for that, I write papers/assignments for him any time he asks me to. Imo, weed is better than money, because I have a hard time finding it.
  9. yeah yeah yeah

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