McGruff The Crime Dog Actor Sentenced To 16 Years For Pot, Grenade Launcher

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Swills, Feb 7, 2014.


    Jesus! This guy was not fucking around!
  2. The man had the munchies for crime. SO thats what he meant by taking a bite out of it.
  3. This is ridiculous! I didn't see one thing in that article that he should be in any trouble for, let alone 16 years!
  4. His whole world came crashing down over a speeding ticket!
  5. 16 years.... wtf! 
    rapist, murderers & child molesters get less time that,for a lot of them
  6. Probably more for having the nerve to exercise his 2nd amendment rights. The pigs hate that.

    "Ermahgerd! Gerns!"

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