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  1. This is something my friend showed me the other day. I'm not sure if he made it up or got it from somewhere else or what, but I thought it was worth sharing.

    Basically, you go to McDonalds and look on the dollar menu. Order one McDouble, one McChicken, and one small fry.

    Next, take the two sandwhiches and take the chicken patty and put it between the McDouble patties. Then, put the small fry in between the existing buns from the McChicken.

    The finished product is two delicious sandwhiches. One with meat and chicken, the other with potato goodness.

    The best part about it all is that the total (with a small drink) is only $4.28

    Just try it. You'll love it.
  2. Round here we call that the mcgangbang.
  3. Mmmmmmm. I love me a good gang-bang. :smoke:
  4. so do we :laughing: i was on another planet (high) a couple weeks ago, and it was like 2am... at the drive thru i asked for 2 mcgangbangs and the dude chuckled, i asked if he knew what they were and he said "that's my favorite!" hahaha good times.
  5. a gangbang= mcdouble/mcchicken/mcdouble

    basically stacking the sandwiches like that discarding the unnecessary buns if you want.

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