McCain Plagairizing Wikipedia???

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bigred420, Aug 19, 2008.


    I like the first instance the best, atleast McCain is showing us he is the canidate of the people, by plagairizing the most widely used information site on the internet by his people.
  2. Since when do politicians write their own speeches to begin with?
  3. I'm not mad at McCain for this, I just think it is funny.
  4. What did he state that was not true? Man people on both sides of this are picking at fuckin straws, "did he hear the questions before hand"?, "is he wearing an earpiece with someone telling him what to say"? This election i predict is going to be the nastiest election i have witnessed in my 45 years. The way its going this early in the process, rights on election day would not surprise me. Its going to be ugly!
  5. An author at Wikipedia is blaming McCain of plagiarism, nobody is saying he is lying.

  6. 100% agree.

    Especially with a bunch of states like Ohio allowing same day registration and voting... what a mess Nov 4th and probably 5th are going to be.
  7. Not saying that, what I'm saying is just because someone makes a statement that "close in wording" to something that's in an encyclopedia of any form don't constitute plagiarism.

    For instance, if i made the statement, a noun is a person place or thing, and its also worded in the dictionary the same way is that plagiarism?

    Now if he wrote an essay and copied it word for word then that plagiarism. Besides the statement are vaguely word the same.

    Sorry i just think that's a stretch to call it plagiarism.
  8. It is a stretch, but thats what happens with elections, people stretch to find problems with men that really both are qualified.
  9. I agree, its gonna be a nasty mudslingin couple of months.

  10. Its gonna get real nasty that further we go. If we were on personal attacks in July... jeez.

  11. I can't imagine what the conventions will be like.

  12. McCain's going to be running attack commercials during the DNC, that was a smart move.
  13. [​IMG]

  14. Those are the same folks from the WTO Riots in Seattle.

    I hope they don't burn the pillows they should be bringing for


    The beautiful prison Denver Police have set up in an abandoned warehouse.
  15. Hmmm...Rounding up the citizens,lol.

    PS, Sorry about the size of the pic i posted, had no idea it was that big.

  16. Ha yeah i thought my computer had frozen. And I wouldn't define thos epeople as citizens. A group that actively promotes rioting is nothing more than a terrorist and well, a few thousand men ove rin cuba know what we think of terrorists rights.
  17. i don't condone what they do, but as legal residents and taxpayers, we are all citizens regardless of our views and actions.

  18. So John Walker Lyndh deserved a civilian trial?
  19. note- I'm not taking issue with the illegalities involved in our detention process and lack of due process, my problem is the classification of these people. While yes, they deserve every right afforded anyone else, I hardly consider rioters "citizens" in the most ordinary sense of the word. Go protest, sure, all for it. The intent to sow dischord, destruction and chaos however is shameful.

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