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  1. after hearing that gavin newsom is preparing to run for governor, i had some mixed feelings but then i remembered his stance on marijuana laws and im starting to think if he is the next governor of california there is a much stronger chance that he will make marijuana legal for californians.
    he has said hes not for legalization in 2005, but openly talks about how the war on drugs is an utter failure and a joke,

    just a few things hes said:

    "If you want to get serious, if you want to reduce crime by 70% in this country overnight, end this war on drugs,"

    "You want to get serious, seriously serious about crime and violence end this war on drugs."

    "It's laughable that anyone could look at themselves with a straight face and say 'oh,we're really succeeding.' I mean it's comedy. And as I say, shame on my party, the democratic party, because they don't have the courage of their private thoughts, because we don't want to appear weak on this topic," Newsom said.

    "I'm not saying (legalization). I'm saying get real about it," he explained. "So what does that mean? Well, it means a lot of things. It means this war on drugs is an abject failure."

    although recently i think he has cracked down on some medical marijuana laws (cant recall what happened) but i believe if he is governer theres a lot better chance of loosening of marijuana laws.

    what do other people/californians think? him as governor, obama as president... seems pretty plausible

  2. he was giving a speech in san jose like two days ago.

    id vote for him, but the chances of him winning are slim. :(
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    I'm not a Californio but I'm curious. Who is this guy, is this the mayor of San Francisco I've heard so much about?

    edit: I just googled him and see he is the mayor of San Fran.

    If I were in California I'd vote for him, he actually seems to know what he is talking about some of the time unlike a lot of politicians, and his marijuana stance is good.

    Why do you think his chances of winning are slim? He was able to become mayor of San Francisco, surely that counts for something?
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    three reasons why his chances are slim:

    1.) he's VERY VERY VERY liberal. (not many people will like that)
    2.) he will make gay marriage legal in ALL of california, not only san fran. he's the guy that made gay marriage in SF legal anyways. (not many people will like that either)
    3.) he cheated on his wife, with the wife's best friend. it was all over the press.
  5. I have responses!!

    1). California is one of the nation's most liberal states, if not THE most liberal
    2). Ehh, you kinda got me there, if he's smart though he won't really promote that as much
    3.) Politicians cheat all the time, from FDR to Kennedy to Clinton to John McCain the list goes on and on, sexual infidelity isn't a huge deal in politics really.

    I hope he gets elected for your sake though, he sounds like a cool dude.
  6. he WILL promote gay marriage. that is what he is known for and will forever be known for doing. if he does not advocate gay marriage, he will lose support from most of SF. and if he does, then he wont win at all.

    this is the main reason why he has a slim chance at winning.
  7. i dont knw why everyones sooo uptight about gay marrage. if they want to be missurable with the rest of the married population in us the let it. it doesnt bother me any. and like boomer09 siad all polititians cheat. there is no dobut about it. and yes most if not the majoirty of cali is liberal.
  8. michael savage rips this guy every night. i dont think he will stand a chance
  9. yeahh, i would totally vote for him. but im pretty sure he's not gonna make it all the way. there are just too much information the media can use against him, just too much. too bad though. from the speech he gave two days ago, he seemed pretty knowledgable and ready, but its gonna be hard. and my enligsh prof is friends with his father and talked to newsom a couple of times. my english prof said he is a "decent" man and intelligent.

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