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  1. Ok, since the end of the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival last year, I have been so excited about this years Mayhem Fest. I went to the one last year at the Ford Amphitheater in Tampa Florida, but I only had seat tickets that werent exactly close. So this year, I picked up for me and Ace, 2 PIT TICKETS!!! I can't wait! This concert is going to be so FUCKING SICK! The bands im looking foward to are: Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, Slayer, Dyeing Fetus, Mushroom Head, Trivium (i guess, saw them once before at a slipknot concert, wasnt too amazing), and Killswitch should be pretty cool. The ones that I cant stand and will be targeting only emo bitches in the pit will be: Manson, Job For a Cowboy ( I HATE THOSE FAGS!), Bullet For My Valentine, All That Remains, and The Black Dahlia Murderers. The rest I could care less about. If your interested in the whole line up, here it is: ROCKSTARâ„¢ Mayhem Fest 2009

    So, Who all's going to this EPIC event. This is sure to be a most brutal concert. I just hope those gay ass bands drop dead and other bands like Nile, Korpiklaani, Fintroll, any good metal bands get to take there place.
  2. Easy on the hate of other bands, dude. o_o Chill. If you don't like them, don't see them. no need to trash them.

    I was considering going, but I'm probably just gonna go to Warped Tour.
  3. The Black Dahlia Murderer fucking own dude.
  4. I cannot agree any more, dahlia is sicknasty..
  5. Ok, i guess they got a few good songs, but i still dont enjoy the majority of there songs.

    same goes for you, haha

    just expressing my opinion. i guess i could tone down the hate a little bit inside the City, but i still hate those bands.
  6. JFAC rips your asshole
  7. agreed
    just because the majority of thier audience is "emo" dont mean shit
    theyre still an awesome band
  8. fuck emo shit lawl
  9. incorrect
    emo chicks are hottttt
  10. incorrect, scene chicks are fine, emo... not so much. nothin hotttt about a wrist full of scars

  11. dude all that remains and black dahlia murder are decent. i hardly listen to them at home though but i heard they play good live. white chapel might be decent but i doubt it. jfac is pretty fucking faggalisious.

    were gunna be so shitfaced and stoned

  12. i bet they would like to... they should just be screamo and stop trying to look metal because guages and black clothes alone dont make you metal. their music is gay as well as their poser look
  13. agreed all the way, allthough i do have 0 gauges now and allways wear all black. but thats just me. i am metal.

  14. there all the same. scene girls are just so selfconsious that they want to fit in the crowd *cough* listening to jfac*cough*. listen to whatever u guys want but jfac is watered down grindcore bullshit.

  15. lol u look like your hooked on heroine or something with that hoodie though. its 90 fuckin degrees hahaha.

    you dont have two inch wide guages in each ear and a 0 in your lip. that would just be asking for attention. if you put everyone in that band in normal clothes exept for the guage guy. theyd be gay as fuck. the difference is i can see through their image
  16. yeah, and im gettin my eybrow pierced but i think i should wait till after the whole mayhem thing, the pit might get pretty intense durring cannibal corpse and i dont wanna fuck myshit up. but hopefully all the pits will be great, im gonna fuck up so many scene kids.

  17. holy shit i want to all the training i can in lifting and shit and be a moshing machine. im punching any scene kid there in the face
  18. ZOMG! You guys are SOOO hardcore.

    Beating up on little emo kids makes you the real deal right?

  19. haha, well if they diddnt listen to such stupid pointless music then i wouldnt have a problem with them. but they all started listening to cannibal corpse, and they just dont understand the music. its brutality, and they're in it for the popularity and it takes away from great musicians style and makes them become mainstream. thats not too brutal. and definately worth an ass beating. just puttin them in their place.

  20. yea greymatter. im not against any form of music. im just against popular music following sheep. 9 years ago i hated boyband shit. not long after that there was popular rap bullshit, now screamo/deathcore music which is "dirived" from metal but is really just metal watered down and filtered for the mainstream dumbasses that fill their heads with marketed shit other than a little something called talent and musicianship

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