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Maybe this is why people take to other drugs?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Skunk, Oct 1, 2003.

  1. In the UK we pay £20 for an eighth (3.5g) of Skunk.

    Now I'm not sure what the going rate for an eighth is the USA or any part of the world for that matter apart from Holland, were I know that shit is GOOD!!!

    So I see the main problem in the quality of skunk that we get over in the UK.

    The main problem been, ever time we buy and eighth we always end up taking the risk of ending up with sum really shit skunk.

    Buying shit skunk isn't the end of the world but at the end of day nobody wants a shit deal.

    On the other option we have the choice to buy a 1/4 of soap bar (hash) for £10, but in this case the only think u end up smoking is plastic or shoe polish. No hash I have ever bought in the UK has ever been made up from more than 5% of a cannabis origin

    So my conclusion lies within the quality of skunk that people buy.

    In this case I will talk about my own self-experience.

    Been a pot smoker for many years now at the age of 20, I have come to believe some people try other drugs for this reason.

    Buying an eighth ever night can be all good and well, apart from ending up feeling you have been ripped off or feeling shit about what you have just bought because you have wasted your money on shit.

    Feeling this way made me feel shit about smoking pot for sum time and got me thinking about trying other cheaper drugs to find a better high!!!

    The price of 1 E can cost as little as £2. Knowing this I decided to try one myself. I also bought a few to share with my mate.

    We had never wanted to try any other drugs because we were so happy about what we HAD.

    After taking pills we wanted to try other things (Speed, Shrooms, Coke, Ket etc...) and because we knew we could get cheaper drugs and obtain better highs, Knowing this got us hooked for sum time.

    Although we dont really take much more than our daily smoke, after we decided to grow our own SHIT!, and make a real good go of it, we stopped it all for the sweet smell of sum quality Smoke.

    If Cannabis was legalised nobody would feel that money had been wasted, because the shit would be that good so you would feel happy about what you was smoking and want to keep smoking it cos you was getting the correct high, just as you would in Amsterdam.

    This is why I feel some people turn to other drugs. In my case spending £20 on 10 Pills or £20 on a shit bag of weed proves that if Cannabis was to be legalised people wouldn't need to find a cheaper high because the standard of Skunk would be Excellent.

    Keep Rolling My Friends

    God gave us this seed, so lets use it in it's full Glory
  2. Head, you just may have proven the gateway theory wrong. This should be front page journalism. Serious. Take it easy.
  3. You did make a great point on certain drugs in your area being cheaper. I had really never thought about it in that particular way. I actually can not pin point on why I started trying other drugs. (Mind you I had done acid before I ever smoked weed). But anyway, its wasn't because it was cheaper............I would pay a hundred dollars for one oxy 80 because that is the going price for them around here. All I know is that I got strung out and my life spun out of control before I even realized it.

    I do think you made a valid point though. I guess everybody tries other drugs for different reasons. I just take it that nobody is the same so their reasons are as different as night and day.

  4. nah, this is just another example (and an excellent one at that) of what i've been saying about gateway theory all along.

    Gateway theory exists almost solely as a product of prohibiiton.
    flowachild,, very true about the different reasons. too often people look for the simple answer, and that often entails generalisations.
    the example given is just one of many that back up what i say on gateway theory.
  5. There can be no exact gateway..

    If 25 pot smokers were tested. there would be several that wouldn't want to do ant other drug for various reasons..

    I know people who smoke that have never or will never try anything else.... I for one am included...

    I know alot of people who do other drugs that will not ever do MJ..

    The gate way as far as drugs go, will never be from one drug to another.. It's all about a person finding the feeling they want the most!!!
  6. well i also live in the uk and have been getting my skunk of the same dealer for a number of years now, he does soe top quality shit, all u have to do is take that risk now and then of getting a shitty draw and whe u find a good one, you keep going back!

  7. People try other drugs because there are drugs that are more fun than marijuana.

  8. and it comes at a price to health.
    it's more fun until the comedown.
  9. its cuz of tolerance and gettin high isnt like it used to be...everyone remembers their first three months of smoking or so...greatest times of my life..

  10. Uhh yeah I guess, that's not true for a lot of drugs, but what you are describing is true of coke and lot of other stuff.
    What I'm sayin is that sometimes people just get tired of weed or they just want to experience fresher or more intense experiences.
  11. I got some shitth hash when I first arrived in France. It left a black, sort of powdery carbonish residue on the outside of my bowl that was in no way like resin. More like the shit that leaves the exhaust pipe of a car. Needless to say I found a new connection. I found some Senegelese people who have good quality shit, with no funky residue, for good prices.
  12. personaly I do only marijuana.

    exclusiveley because i read many times that synthetic dfrugs are ... synthetic (un natural). I don't think ithey are meant to be...

    i did buy some cactus seed in 'dam :)
    (mescalin cactus..)

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