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  1. Early on in the night, sitting down with a cup of good ol' mushie tea and a brownie. Once again bored as fuck and going into another one of those trance states. I find it fascinating. Just sitting back and let the rush kick in, altering your thoughts, altering your perception on everything, but I'm more interested in the stimulation of the mind.

    How does the mind work? It's hard to say, we've become so dependent on everything we've created we've forgotten about what's created us. Sure some look up to a god or beleive in the process of evolution, but it's safe to say whatever created us is a million times greater than what we are. If we were built to smoke we'd have filters installed in our bodies. Oh I just quoted a book, wow this is comin' on strong.

    Another thing that interests me is the past cultures from around the world. How all of them had their different beleifs and ways of going about things. I love the egyptian culture. Just everything about it fascinates me. If you research the pyramids you'll find that they contain at least 600,000 rocks a piece, are exactly true north,south,east,west and the rocks weigh about 200-300 tons each. How did they move them? Well people say "they used manpower and levers."

    Are you kidding me? You couldn't even fit a razorblade in between those bitches. We only use about 10% of our brain, cannabis/magic mushrooms activates about another 20/30% of it. I think I said this before, advil, caffeine, sugar, alcohol, none of that has that effect. And there's a reason for it.

    It isn't natural.

    I think that back in the day cannabis and psychadelics played a major role, I mean like major (like how vehicles and computers play a role in our everyday lives) in everyday life. And their brains were running at 80-100%. But, just as everything can, things change. By natural evolution we got stupider, that is something I will ponder next time I enter DMT Hyperspace. Eventually we got to the point our brains were running at a lower capacity, and we relied on something to take the place of that lost capacity. Hence we had different odds and ends invented. Yet cannabis still played a role in peoples lives, food, shelter, clothing, farm tools, etc. But around the 1600s things started to change, the Barter System was invented and that's when people started to get greedy. And just by the nature of evolution, we have evolved to the point where we rely on something created by us to help us, and have forgotten the main purpose of our existence. What is that purpose, who the hell knows, but one things for sure, Magic Mushrooms and Cannabis don't have the effect they do for no reason. They aren't drugs, heroine, xtc, and speed are drugs. Mush and cannabis were put here by nature, and to have the effects they do... how can you not wonder about the true reason.

    I remind myself of the people on movies that come into the town square saying some completely stupid thing that nobody listens to, yet he ends up being the hero of the movie. But there's a catch tho, movies always have endings. Life doesn't. Yeah we die, that's us. That's not life.

    It's incredible, I'm in love with this way of thinking.

    It's kinda funny, how the earth works isn't it. When we have a cold or flu, we take anti-biotics and send in "cells" to fight off the bad cells. Well picture this:

    Earth as a gigantic living, breathing cell comprised of many more cells on an exponential scale (just as we are). Now imagine when we get a virus, we send in the cold medicine to fight off the virus.

    Now picture humanity as a virus, growing, depleting all the resources, trees, water, animals, everything, even pumping out poisonous gas 24/7 into the atmosphere (kinda like a smoker does to his/herbody).

    Earth, being the living organism it is, has it's own "immune system" to fight off this virus. It's gotta kill us off somehow in order to protect itself, going by "survival of the fittest" right? Well, tsunamis, tornadoes, floods, snowstorms, rainstorms, hurricanes, imagine that as earth's first step natural defense system from this virus (humans). But it doesn't work. We've grown to such an exponential scale that it can't keep up. So it has to do something drastic, something to start over again. Has to wipe out everything to give re-birth to the extragazillion year process of evolution. Hence global warming.

    Earth becomes this gigantic iceball, freezing everything on the planet, wiping out everything. Has a chance to rejuvinate it's atmosphere and start over again.

    Wow that felt like it took ages to write. One thing that is fascinating me is these letters. Yes it sounds stupid. But... think of it. Different lines and connections between them make sense to us. I completely forgot what I was getting at with this... Damn.

    Life... life. Wow, it's fucking crazy. I mean not just at this moment, but. EVERYTHING. Fuck. It's incredible.

    The Yeti. Why it popped into my mind I dont know. But I do beleive in extra terrestrials and other life forms out there, alternate dimensions, etc. Think of this outrageous stoney theory:

    Humans try to cross-breed animals. If we had the gift to travel space and explore other planets with life on em, we would. Who says we wouldn't take one of those life forms back and try to breed it with another animal, say human.
    Here goes:

    There is alot of talk of people communicating telepathically with the yeti. It's possible, once you harness the brain power. Does the yeti exist? Who knows. I beleive it, here's why:

    I think that a long time ago, earth was visited by another intelligent life form, which decided to take a pre-human being (ape, gorilla, monkey, whatever), and breed it with one of it's own. Obviously being a very intelligent creature it's "brain" usage would have been extremely high. And being that the ape species is somewhat intelligent, mixing the two together would have brought forth an extremely intelligent creature with a combonation of very very very intellectual intellect (oh that's right!). And along with Psycibilin and THC. Two things that enhance brain power, along with the ape's intelligence (being the two chemicals are in the ape's body as is).

    So this creature is born, and it's intelligence is so high that the other-worldly beings fear for their own, so they send it back to earth, to live in secrecy being that they are truly a one-of-a-kind species.

    Like think about it, we can think. We can hear our own voices when we think. Look at walkie-talkies, look at the different radio waves and such that we use to communicate. We have brain waves, in a sense we should be able to connect and communicate telepathically.

    The brain is a complex thing, I wish I could have all the answers, but that's highly impossible. Maybe one day something out there will realize I know more than what I should and do away with me, or maybe I'll be whisked off to some other dimension to live amongst others of my own.

    One day...
  2. woah, that's a lot of wurdz
  3. Words that can make alot of sense if you take the time to read 'em.
  4. i liked all of those thoughts.

    i also thought about how crazy it is that weed is natural, truly a gift from nature that i believe was INTENDED for us.

    have ya tried acid tho?
  5. Yeeeep, and I kept theorizing in regards to how it was like, I was high for the first time all over again.

    Like, when you smoke marijuana for the first time, its mind-blowing. Then you get used to it, and Acid, in a sense, enables you to endure a trip similar to that first time "Marijuana experience" without the tolerance numbing the experience?

    If that makes any sense.
  6. I'd like to point out that, we in fact, use 100% of our brain.

    That stuff about 10% is myth.
  7. Let me rephrase that. "We only can comprehend 10% of our brains."
  8. Yeah, until you realize the fundamental similarity is who you are... not how similar the drugs are themselves.

  9. Let ME rephrase that, "Schizo420Drums can only comprehend/use 10% of his brain."

  10. what do you mean by that?
  11. Just like DNA, we can only understand a very very very small portion of what is comprised within it.

    Modern Science cannot begin to comprehend what is embedded within the brain, be it chemistry, memory, mental illness, etc.

    And not directed to you, but there's alot of more egotistical people on the site in the early morning that in the afternoon. :(

  12. I agree, but that also means that if modern science cannot comprehend, then you yourself can't even imagine.

    Egotistical, that's a good way to describe it. ;)
  13. Actually modern science knows quite a shitload about the brain. Ever taken a psychology course?
    and 10%... where'd you get that number from? Any reason at all for 10%?
    but I know what you're saying - there is still lots of shit we don't have a clue about
  14. I was all perplexed, just tryin to get my point accross.

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