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maybe an idea?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Oct 16, 2003.

  1. shut the doors until we can re vamp, recoup our cummunity...get our sense of family back, get to know whos here...i mean we do have thousands and thousands of active members right..whats wrong with being semi exclusive?
  2. just keep up norm.hey, we old farts have too :D....l know its not easy l have trouble me self ,but its a bit like days of our lives ya miss a week and it only takes reading a days posts to catch up most of the time.l love ya norm and wish ya posted more often.

  3. I had thought about this as well.. Maybe it would be bad to not let those good members to be not get to register!

  4. I don't like excluding people either...that's what they did at YaHooka. Not saying I don't like the reason for the idea, but we could miss out on awesome people who give up on trying to register or forget to try again if the first time doesn't work.
  5. I think it might help as long as it's only temporary, I don't think it'll happen though.
  6. nope nope nope.

    cant you guys see?

    *hangs head down in sorrow*

    you walk the path of destruction yet cannot see it.

    many others have walked the same path, i'm sure such similar discussions were held at yahooka too.

    the right answer isnt always the easy or fast answer.
    (infact it rarely is).
  7. Yes, time and patience........many will come and many will go. That's the way it is.
  8. I don't know about this. Sounds good in theory but there are some big cons as well...
  9. I say you delete the users who dont come around for like 6 months that way the city wont seem so big...

  10. well thats a stupid fucking idea if ever i heard one.

    there are loads of vetran blades who have been away for that long and returned. you'd be saying bye bye to highwatha, me, zonedude, smokinokie, etc etc etc.
  11. no no digit i mean the people who have like 10 posts...

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