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  1. This is the first of the month, other than rent being due (lol Bone Thugs), anyone got anything ill coming up this month?

    This happens to be my last month of high school ever, and prom is coming up, so this month is stacked, I just need to get through my AP exam next friday and I am set for the rest of the month. How about you guys....
  2. Only thing is really May 2/4 weekend haha..
  3. May 24th my bday
  4. May 24 and my friend turns 19, so I can get booze no problem now.
    Also prom party is this month so that should be good.

  5. I leave this weekend to an undisclosed location (in the US) for 6 months to work. I hope to be on here occasionally to keep up with everything but I definately won't be smoking until I'm back home. I can't afford even a misdemeanor 'cause they'll fucking deport me. I would like to cross theis border many times in the future without problems so I'm not going to risk it. I've got less than a gram left and it's going to be a looooooong time before I pick up again :( But despite that I'm real excited about this job, so happy May to everyone.

  6. its hard to get caught smokin herb in the u.s.

    get a feeling for your new residence and then turn 007.

  7. last exam today then no school till august. my brithday is friday. UFT's is sunday
  8. Out for the summer on Tuesday and my birthday is the 16th, May Ownes
  9. I will get another year older this month. @^ holy shit that is old. Well I still love the month of MAY! Happy b-day to all who share the month of MAY. JOE>

    P.S. and that is how old I am(wink wink):)
  10. creepy post count joe.
    congrats on the birthday
    me, you, and UFT all have the same birthday month. may rocks!:yay: :metal:
  11. Maybe, but I work for a whole bunch of mormons and it's in my contract that I will not do any drugs. I am to live in corporate housing, sharing an apt with 5 other coworkers. I'm not that sneaky...I wish I were.
  12. Well, Im flying out of town to visit my mom later in the month..... and after may its my birthday, and I get a new car. :hello:
  13. get out of school and going to china for 2 weeks
  14. May 8 is my b-day, and i get off school in may fo summer, so all is crackin' this may in '06!
  15. My birthday is may 9th and the Atmosphere show is the 12th.
  16. nothing special this month. Just another month of school is all, no plans
  17. May=Work....Work....Work....!!!Paintball!!!!!!!Paint!! work.....
  18. wow. a lot of us have may birthdays
  19. Yeah, i have to waste a good part of my work day telling you college kids how to not hurt yourselfs.
  20. you don't gotta tell me Rasta, i am good to go :smoke:

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