May you take a look!! Day 51 after flip (week 7???) (pics)

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    High there fellow growers! Happy lazy Sunday! We have some dense fog in Los Angeles this morning! Hope you all have a nice wake n bake!!

    I have a few questions regarding my first grow. Today is the 51st day after flip which I believe is the 7th week? Am I wrong (cannot count!!!) ??
    here are a few pics of my two babies. They’re leaving soon!!!

    May you please take a look and tell me what you see in them? I’m thinking about buying a microscope for the trichs manana...

    should I clip and save the tall one? She looks snowy and I’m afraid of not running into another one like her...
    thanks again and happy smoking !!!

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  2. Looks good and healthy. Maybe a bit too much stretch from not that great of lights? but looks real good. Still a few weeks to go
  3. Yep
    This is an accidental red light cfl grow, my first. Thanks for the input man.
    are there easily available snowy strains like the tall one out there?
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  4. Really genetics have come a long ways. Most anything you look into these days can be beautiful if treated properly. Maybe look at gorilla glue? Super frosty and smells and tastes great as far as I'm concerned
  5. Was this all done under cfl? If so you should be extremely proud, my 1st grow under 1000watt HPS looked something similar to what you've produced under cfl, id be proud of that plant my friend.
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  6. Yea
    Yeah I picked up 150w CFLs at work for about a dollar... Stopped smoking soon after just because but found some cool looking seeds in some shake...and thought why not? Thanks man... I’ve been learning a lot and i hear the curing drying process is another big step...I’ll try my best! Lol
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  7. Dense fog all the way here in southern bama as well today

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  8. If you want something really white and killer try ams seed of white queen. Truly the queen of white variety imo if like said but I really need to grow it asap

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  9. It’s amazing how fast it clears up here in LA. Already feeling hot...
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  10. nooiiceeee
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  11. I hate summer lol

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  12. At least you had fog for a bit. And LA heat is like a warm spring day here. We just finished 11 days straight of triple digits and we're going to be 11° below avg today at 90°.

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