May I rant?

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  1. Show the show.

    Is that a very hard concept?

    I dont think so. Or at least I did.

    I swear to fucking god, half the one hour program is fucking commercials. Thats it, Useless, I dont give a fuck if your baby is raped, commercials. Stop fucking showing them, no one will EVER care, commercials.

    These fucking things are putting me through therapy alone. I want to strangle every last person who ever thought this was a good idea. Burn in the deepest part of hell you fucking bastards. I will never care about your product, just show me the shit I programed my TV to. That is the ONLY reason I am there, so please dont ruin it. One or two commercials is bearable, but when half of the fucking movie is a fucking repeat, I only wish the murder of your first born son. Quit it. Now.
  2. All the commercials are about suing someone, drugs advertising, food, or saving some animals. I'm with ya. Gets fucking annoying.

    Netflix all da way!
  3. I watch TV on my computer or after i have it DVR'ed. I agree man, i cant stand commercials.

    The Masters showed 56 min of coverage and 4 min of commercials each hour. They know how to do shit right.

  4. You forgot cleft palates. I had never heard of this until about 3 years ago. And now its on TV all day non stop. I just wanna scroll through channels without seeing little kids with frowning faces because they are deformed. I mean, maybe im happy, or maybe im eating. Either way, i dont wanna see it.
  5. Commercials pay. You don't.

    Start paying for no commercials.
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    Sad, ain't it?

    Dont delete. It's a good point.
  7. Well.... I pay pretty damn much for direct TV..... soooo....... I'm paying =P
  8. Haha, I'm high. It sounded like I was trying to pick a fight in my head and I couldn't figure out how to reword it :smoke:
  9. See, I don't have to deal with commercials at all. Get a laptop, and an lcd tv with vga input, audio cord, torrent every season of all your favourite shows constantly until you have a ridiculously huge playlist, use vlc, put on random, wireless mouse. All your favourite shows, all the time, no commercials.. basically your own channel, and its free

    I have like 2500 shows and growing lol, internet my friend.
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    Nah. I know you won't defend them, but we both understand. It's about money.

    I wont mind if you challenged me. We are usually on the sane page.
  11. I don't have cable anymore. Just Netflix. Main reason.

    It sucks when I hear friends say "ARE YOU GOING TO WATCH THE NEW *insert TV show here* TONIGHT?!" when it's a show I like ... but a lot of the times you can stream it/download it else where. Netflix isn't too terrible about getting them up at a reasonable time, usually.
  12. You may rant sir.

    The worst is how they infiltrate stuff, like youtube.

    Hell, even porn has pop ups in the video box. Gotta x everything out.
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    I have a ps3 with an external hd. I have all the movies/shows I want, but that doesnt mean I shouldn't be mad.

    I'll watch tv, fine. I like the background noise. Still, it's about 10 min of nothing but commercials per show. I don't care. No one cares, and no one will ever care. Go die in an unmarked grave.
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    Oh the fact they got to porn means fucking war man
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  16. Damn right.

    How you gunna promote porn through porn?

    It's as annoying as seeing time warner cable commercials after you bought time warner cable. I pay out the ass for your shit, let me at least watch it.
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    Why the fuck do you need to promote porn?

  18. Cause if its good enough you'll pay a dollar for a 24 hour free trial and they will steal your credit card.

    This happened to uhhh.... a friend of mine.
  19. See, I don't mind commercials on the t.v. because it's usually only on for background noise anyway. But ads on the internet piss me the fuck off. Especially the ones that start playing a commercial on the side of a website and their is no way to fucking pause or mute it. It's usually a shitty Lysol commercial.

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