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  1. hey guys......I live in Cape Cod Mass... I have a couple thorobred plants(kush and white russian) that I started in June and I was wondering what was the maximum pot size I can grow them in.... I was thinking trying to plant them in 15-20 gallon containers for max yield. I grew one tree last year and it reaped after hallowee(indian summer)n, and yielded about three ounces(1 per gallon of soil). If I plant my babies in large pot would they be able to yield plenty, or is it not enough time for them to reach a good size or even survive the frost? I already planted 2 in 17 gallon pots.
  2. i dont think pot size has anything to do with yield, unless your pot is extremely small.

  3. Nastyjoe that is incorrect!

    Pot size makes a big difference. The bigger the pot, the bigger your plants will get.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Yeah i wouldnt know, i plant directly in ground. but this kid had no replys and made the thread a couple days ago. so i thought id give courage:wave:
  5. I just wanted to know:
    1. Would it reach max size, since it was planted in June
    2. Would the pot size affect its chances of surviving
    3. If the pot size affects the chance of survival, what is the max amount of soil I can use to get plants that mature
  6. It would not reach max size because you planted a bit late.

    Just fill your 5 gallon pot full with soil and you should be ok
  7. I have one in a 17 gallon and one in about 13 gallons they seem to be growing pretty fast
  8. Of course bigger pots are responsible for bigger plant body.Also this can means more buds.
    Big pots are not linked with surviving but plants will be much more healthy in the big pots.
    You dont need bigger of 10gallons for about 300 grams, that is pretty good weight for personal use of just one plant.
  9. I say just use a 5 gallon, it won't have that much time to veg this time a year anyways.
  10. Wow I see now ... I thought its General question about pots size.
    yes u can use 5gall
  11. put them thangs in the ground and see how big they get. we dug all our holes this year 6/6/3 ft
  12. That size pot for that sized plant is fine, there is plenty of room for it to grow, just don't let them dry out.

  13. They look very stretched, how much sunlight are they getting?
  14. they get plenty, at least 5-6 hours direct, mostly morning-midday

  15. Ill buy some when its done :smoking: ?
  16. - Photobucket[/url]" target="_blank">[​IMG]</a> 30 gallon bucket 4 weeks ago

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