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Max price of an ounce

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Blamazing, May 16, 2011.

  1. What should I be paying for a ounce of nug??
  2. Depends on the quality, need you to be more specific.
    Regs can cost $30 an ounce on the very low end, and dank can cost $400 an ounce on the very high end.
    Specificity please! :D
  3. i pay about 300 for some decent bud, 350 for a little better, and 400 for extreme dank...

    and i'm from NY..prices vary from state to state
  4. in toronto the max for an o is 250 and if your paying that much it better be some next level dank
  5. It varies a lot. Starts from $90 to $300
  6. since this is in the edible section, i'll tell you what i pay for "edible" weed.

    $50 max for an ounce of regs. i will then bake said ounce into a batch of brownies, and get roasted off that shit. amazing way to get high in my opinion.
  7. $350 for the Dank. $400 for the Super DANK
  8. This should be moved to Apprentice, but around here people pay $350-$400+ an ounce.
  9. Why is this in edibles? Anyway learn how to use the search feature there are plenty of threads asking the same questions. 100-400 an OZ max for dank some people pay up to 500.
  10. Up here in VA we throw like 350-420$ for a dank o

  11. u fuckin gettin some Oregano for 30 an oz! where the hell r u getting an oz for only $30!
  12. #12 Blamazing, May 16, 2011
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    Im in Wisconsin. Don't really know how much it gonna cost and I don't want to get scammed
  13. Assume 200-500 max for top quality bud in most areas. mids assume 100-200 and schwagg assume 1-100 bucks an oz.

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