Maui Wowi

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by kush70, Oct 17, 2022.

  1. Just a quick pic of a new Maui wowi c0e45a70332e91aa5375b63940884c1f.0.jpg
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  2. Nice bro and Good Luck!
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  3. I'd wait until it gets bigger before harvesting.
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  4. Thanks...

    Fukrz growin like a weed lol
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  5. Thanks... debating how exactly I'm going to train her...
  6. I finished a Nirvana Maui Waui in February this year. Mine was trained to an 8 way mainline. Here's a picture on harvest day.
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    Nice man. Very nice...
    Mine is from Original Kush Seeds. From Pacific Seed Bank.
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  8. Thanks. It was a very easy plant to grow that had an average yield. Nice morning/daytime smoke.
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  9. Cool... this is the first time I've grown MW..
    Just bought Durban Poison S1 a couple hours ago... looking forward to those next!
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  10. I haven't grown a Durban Poison yet. It's on my list of strains to try. A lot of folks rave about the high.
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  11. I love Durban. The last run of it I had was awesome... purple, a nice stank to her and tasty as hell
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  12. I've had excellent results running Ethos genetics. I just ordered one of their newest varieties. It is a Durban cross called
    Zweet Inzanity Rbx . Zweet Inzanity is Durban Poison x (Gorilla Glue #4 x Citral Skunk)

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