matrix. the real cyberdine experience

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  1. So as gaming technology becomes better and better, and transhumanists theorize about transferring coinciousness into computers, I can't help bit wonder if a large portion of the population will simply upload into the matrix in the future.
  2. Hm, quite interesting although I am not sure how we would truly accomplish this.
  3. We already have put brain implants right under neath the skulls of patients who are paralyzed completely neck down. I remember seeing a documentary on it a year or two ago, and that with it the patient could control a digital mouse on a computer screan, later on even type send emails and so forth. The issue is that these implants only last for four months than need to be replaced or removed.

    Now if we can do that, its only a matter of time before neurologists map out and understand teh brain (that would be still at least a decade or two before that happens, possibly much longer) and then you would need to know how to recreate a cybernetic construct of your brain in the matrix your describing. Then it would just be a matter of transfering your consciousness while you remained conscious (it would be the only way to know for sure it was still you, and not the original you dieing, while a computer copy of you is made thinking that its the original.)

    That's my thoughts on it, but I do think its possible. Just it may not be in our lifetime.
  4. [quote name='"PharCyDeD"']Hm, quite interesting although I am not sure how we would truly accomplish this.[/quote]

    Our consciousness is based on senses. So I wonder if transferring into a computer would be akin to dreaming
  5. I'd probably take the blue pill.
  6. Nah, I think people miss one very important thing when it comes to downloading oneself onto a computer network.

    And that is the fact that you will not be the one in the computer.

    It will be a copy of yourself.

    We will be able to interface with machines obviously but we won't be able to store our actual selves in a computer, only the information that makes us up.

    I see people merging with machines rather than becoming them entirely.
  7. I'd totally upload my brain into a computer or a robot.

    Just think how neat porn would be!
  8. DEEN or DINE? which is it?
  9. [quote name='"Broses"']DEEN or DINE? which is it?[/quote]

    No clue. Thread was more about the matrix then terminator!

  10. Yeah I'd rather be half human half cyborg.

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