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  1. do you have to mix the two plants (male and female) or seperate them? im new to this
  2. To breed plants you need male and female plants in a consealed grow cabinet, the female buds will then produce seeds. hope this helps peace.
  3. male pollen reaches the female pistils, creating seeds. but if u want a female non seeded, aka sinsemilla, then the female will be a better smoke. More thc. If you wish to continue growing a specific strain, you have two options:
    -take clones from mother plant (gauranteed female)
    -pollinate one female and produce numerous seeds for future use.

    if you choose to pollinate the female then you can just leave the male and the female. they will do their thing.

    clones are a bit harder to do. They are basically "replicates" of the mother plant (the one you want to keep). It will share the same dna as the mother so its gauranteed to be a female...there is not a gauranteed success rate of cloning but the result is much more satisfying... but read around on how to clone everything you need to know is there...
  4. keep them seperated. put a nag around a branch of the male plant. when the pollen sacks open, shake the piss outta that branch and bag.

    Then take that bag and put it around a flowering branch of your female plant. Shake the piss outta it twice a day for a couple days. Then wet down the bag and remove it. By just pollinating one branch, you will get plenty of seeds and still have some good, seedless buds to smoke.

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