math problem help please?

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  1. Okay heres a math problem which is unrelated to school
    but i need help solving today.

    heres the numbers i have:

    10% profit must be made of the TOTAL.

    average commission from house sale is 5290$

    the office side/portion of that commission is 1375$

    The offices expenses are 37700.


    please feel free to ask for more info and i will try and oblige. This is for my friends business and he is trying to work some numbers TODAY. Thanks for the help!!!
  2. What does the bold part mean?
  3. of every house that is sold that average comission is 5290$

    so in turn the office gets 1375 of that on average or 26%.

    giving the office 1375 to use towards its needed money for expenses and the 10% profit of the total.

    This leaves the agent with the rest of 76% of the total.
  4. this is the amount needed to break even by the way

  5. How many houses must be sold in order for what?

    Unless I'm confused, which I don't think I am because this seems simple, you didn't say how many houses must be sold in order for what?
  6. Assuming all they ever get is $1,375 of the commission they will have to sell ~30 houses to make around $41k. Leaving the agent with $117,450 salary. Assuming agent only makes $3,915 from the commission. This is simple math so I am not sure you worded it correctly or not.
  7. WTF this is like from pre-algebra or Algebra I.

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