Mates that you dont trust

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  1. Got a mate who comes round for sessions a few times a week. Good guy, likeable enough, always get the feeling he sees me as a bit of a fool due my chill nature. He's been generous with his buds to be fair but it's mostly as he can't blaze at his grandparents, so it worked in that aspect. I got a few thousand dollars for my birthday and as he was around and seeing the new shit I had, and I was starting to think he was a pretty genuine mate, I mentioned it to him. Probably a bad move in hindsight.

    Pretty sure the guy sees me as a pawn in his little money and weed juggling schemes, or needs a place for a sesh. Don't know if he really respects me as a mate.

    One day I vaguely discussed the possibility of buying an ounce or half if he could find it. I just wanted him to notify me if he knew of some. I was clear about this. He turned up later in the day with a "great deal" for me in a $200 ounce, which is cheapish here. I told him like we discussed I needed good shit for my tolerance. Stuff was dirt. I didn't wanna buy it and I said that. He then explained that it was his mates and he wanted to get rid of it. He presented a smaller bag of the same weed and said the guy promised him that free if he could flick the ounce. So he proposed, we go halves in the ounce and he gives me half for $80. Says it works out for him getting half and the other bag free, for $120. I don't even want it but I figure he's been generous with his weed before. His specific words were that id be doing him a favour, so I viewed it that way still somehow feeling hustled.

    I mentioned that feeling in idle conversation with a friend I've known for years that I do trust. He isn't a snitch but being that kinda mate he had to say to me that the guy took the money and got himself a classy half ounce elsewhere. Felt a bit ripped off about that but I'm the type of guy who tries to avoid causing bad blood and I reminded myself of the favour.

    Tonight he comes round wanting to borrow 20 until tomorrow. I explain that I don't wanna spend any more cash on weed today. So he then asks if I have a dollar as he's a coin away from 20. I ask him if he just wants to go halves and we chop it all up. Deal.

    Soon after he asks "would you be able to just buy that and I'll give you the ten tomorrow"

    I'm puzzled by this and I ask, do you need your cash for something else? To which he responds "just wanna get some milk as well"

    I thought about it for a bit and wondered "why does he need $19 for milk" and I ended up spinning some shit about an early night and he took off after smoking some more of my cones and spilling one.

    I get the feeling he's taken my silence on his fucking me around as that I don't see it.

    TL;DR and question, because I've never really had mates I'm not sure are my mates. should you cut someone off if you know you can't trust them but they're generally reasonably cool?
  2. Dont know about that but your post has me confused.

    Are you from the uk.

    You talk of dollars, and yet you write in UK english and talk of mates lol

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  3. Either way just be straight up with him and make him understand that he cant just use you at times of need. Make him understand that making every possible excuse to make you spend more money is not okay with you and its probably annoying. At least this is what I would do!

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  4. Eventually it's more of a hassle to deal with those kind of people than its worth. Nothing wrong with saying no, even to a 'friend'
  5. You know there are places outside of the UK and America, such as New Zealand.
  6. Lmao

    I honestly do forget that at times.
    I do apologise mate
  7. Beat the fuck out of him.

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  8. I don't see why you shouldn't cut him off completely. Guy sounds like an absolute cunt and although you say he does these "favors" for you, you don't seem to like him whatsoever or enjoy his company. Oh and yea i have had a friend like that, guy ends up stealing 400$ from me that I never got back. So cut him off b4 he gets another one on you.
  9. Sounds like he sees you as a useful fool. My advice would be to cut him out before he games you again.
  10. OP, see what happens when you "run out of cash and bud". Will he come and smoke you out? What if all of a sudden you can not use your home to smoke, will he still call you?  That's the biggest giveaway. On top of that, this does not seem like a "friend", more someone who hopes to take advantage of a friendly guy.
  11. I have a pal that fiends for weed like you wouldn't believe. I smoked him out a good few bowls out of my new-ish bong while waiting for friends to come over and join us. Afterwards we were just chilling, bong put away (cause we were about to go somewhere else after people came there) and he suggests setting it up so we can smoke when the rest of the guys showed up with his and their weed. After he set it up we sat around a table for about 30 minutes, him bringing up smoking about 50 times during, me saying no every time. It's so funny how much of a fiend he is sometimes, it was literally like:
    (Him) "so dude I can't wait until Parker gets here with my weed, man. Y'know, we should totally smoke to pass the time, know what I'm sayin'?"
    (Me) "No, I told you that I'm saving my bud for the whole group. (I was low at the time)"
    "Really? Aww sheitt. Alright................ buttttttttttt........... smoking would be pretty sweet, would it not?"
    "Not as sweet as waiting until everyone else gets here and matches me"
    "Right, right....................... Man, I'd really love to take a few more rips outta your bong"
    "Not unless you have your own shit to pack into my bowl"
    "But all my weed's with-"
    "With Parker, I know, which is why we're waiting"
    Lol he fiends until he gets what he wants. Only reason I kept my weed was because I'm stubborn and assertive when it comes to shit like that
  12. Be very wary of that guy. Humans are just like that. This isn't the first "friend", or last "friend" that will do this. Some people just have higher standards then others. It's as simple as that.
    At the end of the day, if you aren't having fun when the dudes around , i mean
    no intelligent conversations , 
    no humor ,
    no fun ,
    no nothing just burning your weed and him taking advantage here and there it worth it to you ? i'd say probably not.
    it's your choice at the end of the day, but it doesn't sound like he brings anything of benefit to the table.
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    British reaction-wait calmly in a "queue" with all the other people waiting to beat the shit out of dude

    Obama reaction-massive drone strike causing more than 12 billion more dollars of taxpayer debt

    Trailerpark reaction-blow up his shed cooking meth in it without his knowledge

    Ivory Coast reaction-sacrificed several chickens towards his downfall

    Arkansas reaction-sodomize your sister

    Samurai reaction-behead him and or kill yourself of shame

    Canadian reaction-apologize

    Los Angeles reaction-snitch

    Bangkok reaction-get a bitch with AIDS and really sharp teeth to suck his dick

    Mexico City reaction-Cut him open fill him with cocaine and ship him into the United States

    New York reaction-lop him to bits wrap them in shrinkwrap and hang them from street-lamps

    New Orleans reaction-show him your breasts and then throw up on him

    White trash reaction-shit on his doorstep, dog, wife, pillow and or simply pack a turd up under the door handle of his car

    18th-century Russian novelist reaction-Write 1000 Page Masterpiece regarding said douche bag and then promptly kill yourself

    Australian reaction-get him drunk skewer him and barbecue him

    New Zealand reaction-talk it out with your favorite sheep over a glass of Chardonnay and some sodomy(pitcher? catcher? That's nobody's business but you New Zealanders!)

    Hahaha I'm a dick!
  14. I know you're trying to be funny but the New Zealander sheep association is really ignorant. Most people in New Zealand spend 0% of their lives around sheep. In fact, a heap of people over here hate farming because it fucks our waterways. It's sad that it's all people seem to know or remember about this place.
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    If i were you I would not call the New Zealand sheep association ignorant they may be listening ;)
  16. How do kiwi-birds taste...

    ... And yes I am a redneck and I would eat them and I'm asking you in all seriousness
  17. i had a "friend" like that. he is going to burn you at some point. all of that lying and crap just doesn't fly with me. i would cut him loose!
  18. Canada apologize?...more like shoot hockey pucks at your house.
  19. lol mates
  20. I don't know, I'd imagine they'd be quite delicious. All varieties of kiwis are classed as endangered though so you aren't supposed to hunt them.

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