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Mates already stoned?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Got Milk, May 27, 2009.

  1. Heya grasscity,

    Im curious if this has happened to any of yall:

    Mate calls ya up to come over and have a good smoking session, you get yourself ready and head over, but when you get there his already stoned.. Do you hate that?

    I mean even if when you get stoned he wont smoke so noone is gettin less weed, but do you hate arriving to ah mates house for a session and they are already stoned?

    My mate does this and i find it freaking annoying lol.

    I dunno..

  2. I don't really care. It's cool if they smoke with you, though, even if it is for a second time.
  3. lol i would like for me and my homies to get high on the same level sos that we could really judge the weed from a perspective, when i would be comin up he would already be baked like a subway sandwich..thats life tho, pour some lemonade
  4. Doesn't bother me. I'm not gonna get angry at a mate for being stoned, man, that would be .. stupid. Since I'm about to get stoned. Shit, if he doesn't wanna blaze, more weed for me. Although I've never arranged to have a session and found out my mate was too blazed to toke with me.
  5. stupiddd man.
  6. it would piss me off if they called me over to smoke, then i come there and find out they just finished smoking, or if i come to see them stoned and then light up a bowl they mooch off me while i am not high
  7. anytime a friend comes to visit me and smoke weed, chances are we are both pretty damn stoned well before arrival.

  8. Not only this most of the time, but I dont mind letting a homie smoke a bowl of my shit, but I dont get "too stoned" anymore.:smoking:
  9. Lol you think the world has to put off blazing till your ready?

    Fat chance.
  10. Me getting high is the only thing I'm ever concerned with.

  11. we all have big sacks and we all are usually flyin at pretttty goood altitudes. ahaha fuck ... just smoke until ur happy basically. juss kickin it, some xbox some adult swim. some random fools on random drugs posted up. ahahha some music or some shit, 40s on the table. hell yeh.

  12. i was trying to say that! ahahaha. :smoking:
  13. well said.
    yall listen up..
    this man knows.
  14. I always take a couple rips before going out to do something with my friends... we're all usually high before we meet up. That's expected... no big deal.
  15. Doesn't bother me if my buddies do that, we smoke all the time anyways so I just assume people are high. It does get me a bit when some girls do it though. The girls in question typically are the cute flirty girls that want to get smoked up, which I have no problem with. But when somebody just got ya blazed don't call me to keep the smoke rollin. Invite me earlier and we'll all get blazed!
  16. ya just smoke a bowl of your own before you get there thats what i ususally do as well as who im going to toke with. As long they have more to smoke with me then im fine with it.
  17. I love to see people blazed..My friends and I are high a lot..daily..good luck finding one of us without bloodshot eyes.
  18. as long as you didn't throw down on the bag, and they still smoke with you when you get there. i don't see the problem.
  19. wtf? are you crazy? maybe he has a life too?
  20. What do you care? OH I see, your only thinking of yourself. You hate it because it means less weed for you to smoke. Its his weed, his life, who are you to object against his own will?

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