Masturbation Calls To Me When Im High

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by ClinicallyNORML, Jun 17, 2004.

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  1. Man......back in sept. was the first time i got high.......maybe the third time i got high i masturbated, and now whenever i fucking get high all i ever wanna do is masturbate....what the fuck....and it feels great when your masturbating...but after that, im all like, damn, i just wasted an hour masturbating....
  2. i hear u bro
  3. riiiiiiiiight.................
  4. LMAO!!!! hell no... lmao.. that made me laugh so hard... lol
  5. lol man, thats funny ass shit, my dick would be purple if I was you, lol
  6. dude i fuckin know exactaly wut ur talkin about masterbating when high is like fuckin bliss its amazing feeling it honestaly feels 400% better than normal and sex omg sex is fuckin 10000% better when ur high i donty know why exactaly but it does and i like it thanks god for pot ur cool guy
  7. I get pretty fucking lazy when Im high.. I dont have the motivation to sweat off about 5 lbs.. i know that much. and i told da bitch ;) lol
  8. nottin like busting a nut up in ole mary jane :eek:
  9. LOL,god,this is too much.Can\'t say iv\'e tried it yet but there\'s always time to!
  10. ROFL!! an hour?? ....haha your a porn addict! get yourself help.... or pussy....

  11. heheh that\'s what i was thinking. man an hour lol! 5 minutes and i\'m havin back to back orgasms;)
  12. wow, i do that same thing.......LOL. i dont know, it is just so good, especially wheen you close your eyes and shit. damn. feels just like a nice juicy dripin sloppy pussy. ;) :)
  13. i wonder why there isnt a study for this. but it is true, its like the first thing that i think when im stoned, \"dam, i gotta wack it or im gonna die\" lol
  14. i do it sometimes, but after i\'m done it takes away my high and i think to myself how i\'d rather of just watched tv or something else
  15. hahaha this is the greatest thread in the world!


    But yeah man i feel you.
  16. ya it completely kills my high
  17. i don\'t know that it kills the high but it just makes you like \"wtf why\'d i just do that.\"

    yeah but an hour, damn thats long. usually i\'de just shoot one out and go back to watchin TV or w/e else i was doin.
  18. Dude I know exactly what this guy is talkin about it\'s weird whenever I get really high, like just walking around and stuff gets me horny and for a while I like had to whack it. But it always kills your buzz afterwards so everytime i feel like whackin it, I watch the DMX video for Where the Hood at. Not only is it funny as shit but the old gay black guy will take any sexual thoughts out of ur head like a vaccuumm
  19. hahahahahahahaha

    That gave me to worst mental image of a guy sitting there watching tv with his budies or soemthing and then he just whips it out, and starts beating off.

  20. Wroooooong thread to use that saying, man. (j/k)

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